Poisoned Blood 2: Return Of The Surgeons

Poisoned Blood 2: Return Of The Surgeons

Carnee is back held captive, but this time, in a mental hospital. Doctor Jonson is dead but his apprentices are there. They followed her and have trapped her in a hospital room again, and this time, she can't get out. (WARNING: EXTREMELY FREAKING GORY) (Some adult content used such as swearing and drinking) Note Of Credit: someone else helped me make this one

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Chapter 1.


I'm coming home from a night with my friends. I was hoping one of them could drive me home but they said they don't drive at night. Pathetic. I walk slowly down the street with only the dim street lights as lighting to see. I'm afraid... Ever since I escaped doctor Jonson's hospital, I've been afraid to be anywhere alone. I'm paranoid that I will be kidnapped and end up in the hospital again. I walk down the sidewalk with my head down. The street is quiet, if something happened, no one would notice. I look around. I hate this neighborhood. I keep walking, I keep hearing sounds and seeing shadows, I start jogging to hurry home. I decide to call dad to pick me up and bring me the rest of the way home. He didn't pick up his phone.
"Hey Dad, I'm walking home from my friends' place, call me back please" I say to the voicemail. I keep walking, I call Claire instead, she doesn't pick up either. Odd. I pick up my pace and speed-walk, I want to just get home as soon as possible. Then I remember, there's a shortcut if I take the back alley at the end of the street. It's kind of unsafe, but I'll take the chance. I start walking through the alley, it's dark. I feel like I'm being followed... I whip around. I see shadows of people. I can't identify them, they are wearing dark clothing and it looks like they are wearing black masks that cover their faces except for their eyes. I look on the ground, I find a glass bottle. I smash it against a wall of the buildings on both sides. It's hard to see. I'm holding out the glass as I see a truck driving by on the street ahead. Oh my god, who is following me?! I star running, with the bottle still in my hand. I see the dark figures following me. I run faster.
Someone jumps right out in front of me, I stab them in the chest with my smashed bottle. I start smashing their head with it. I get covered in blood from smashing them.  The man chokes out some blood from their mouth, with his hands pressed against his chest. I stand there and stare at the person lying on the ground dead. Brown hair, about forty years old, it's just, an innocent person. My hands shaking, covered in his blood. Oh my god... I just killed someone. Oh god... I drop the bottle and it shatters on the ground. The figures of the people who were following me were watching me, keeping their distance. I hear police sirens. I start running. I'm still covered in the guys blood. I run out of the alley and down the streets. The police car is following me. I start sprinting as the cops are catching up. I'm running down the road, they run their car right into me. I fall to the ground, I'm partially under their car, the headlights shining in my eyes, hurting them. I hear footsteps coming towards me, I stand up. I turn to run, the officer grabs my arm and throws me against the hood of the car. I'm winded and it took the breath out of me. I'm shaking and afraid.
"What is your name?" The officer demanded.
"C-Carnee Campbell" I say, my voice shaky and hard to understand. Hes holding my hands together behind my back so I can't move.
"How old are you?" Demanded the officer, I start crying, shaking, tears flowing out of my eyes with guilt and fright.
"S-seventeen." I choke out. This can't be happening! This can't be happening!
"I saw what you did back there!" The officer yells at me. I cry out, choking on my tears. The people who were following me are still around, hiding in the shadows.
"It's not, w-what it l-looks like!" I try to say.
"Oh yeah? Then what exactly happened?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I cough and try to explain,
"I was walking home, I was being followed, I was scared, I felt threatened, I picked up the bottle and.." My sentence trails off.
"And I killed that man by accident, thinking that it was a person who was following me. Honestly sir, I was afraid and I didn't mean to!" I cry, trying to explain. Yeah right he'd believe me. He puts handcuffs on my wrists. I bawl, I didn't mean to! I didn't! I'm sorry!
"Where are your parents?" He asks sternly.
"I don't know, probably at home.." I say. I want daddy! He would believe me! The officer is still holding me against the car, I'm crying and shocked.
"You killed an innocent man. Get in the car!" He yells, opening the door and throwing me into the backseat. I sit in the backseat, still handcuffed, still crying, still shaking. This isn't real! The officer's name seems to be Evan Spear. Officer Spear... We drive to the police station. He gets out and opens the door to the backseat and pulls me out. He leads me into the station and into a gray room with a table and a chair. He sits me down onto the chair. He leaves the room, then comes back, and puts his knuckles against the table.
"Why did you do it?" He asked, staring at me, studying me.
"I tried to tell you, it was an accident, in fright and self defense" I shudder.
"An accident? So you didn't do it on purpose. You said you were being followed and you stabbed the man because you were afraid and thinking he was going to hurt you?" He asked, looking me right in the eye.
"Correct" I say uncomfortably. I look up and see a security camera hooked up in the corner of the room, pointing at me. It's making me uneasy.
"Or did you do it for the sake of killing?" He asked seriously.
"What? No, I said I didn't mean to do it!" I cry. Officer Spear leaves the room, and then returns with dad stepping in behind him. I just stare at them.
"Carnee...." Dad said. I just look up at him.
"I didn't mean to." I whisper with guilt, and start crying again.
Dad stares at me, then looks at officer Spear.
"She didn't do it, if she did, it was an accident" He said. The officer takes him into the hallway and makes him sit down in a chair. Dad puts his palms on his fore-head.
"She didn't do it" He repeats. They tell him to wait, then goes back to ask me more questions. Later the officer and a detective go talk to Dad.
"We think she should go to a mental hospital. Just for a little while" The detective says. Dad refuses and argues with them.
"No! She never did anything wrong!" Dad yells.
"Sir, she should go to the hospital, she should see doctors about her mental health" Officer Spear says calmly.
"She's okay. She's my only daughter! I disapprove this!" Dad yells more. Then the sheriff came.
"Sir, if you don't let us take her to the hospital, you will be arrested and thrown in jail" The sheriff says sternly.
"That's not right! I never did anything and neither did Carnee!" Dad yells in anger.
"I'm being serious. Just let her go" says the sheriff.
"No!" Dad yells.
"She won't be long, she will be okay." the sheriff continues. Dad starts to get stressed.
"You don't understand, she cannot go to a hospital, I'm telling you, she just can't" Dad said quietly.
"Why not?" the sheriff asked.
"Sir, please, you wouldn't believe me" dad said, his hands start to shake.
"If you won't tell me, then it'll be ensured that she goes. She has no choice" the sheriff said.
"Look, she's innocent, she doesn't deserve this. She's all I have, my wife has passed on and Carnee is my only child. She's only seventeen, please don't do this to her" Dad says, his hands shake more and he grits his teeth.
"I'm sorry about your wife, but Carnee has to go, it's mandatory" the sheriff said. They lead Dad down the hall to see me. Dad looks at me in concern.
"Honey, will you be okay with going to the hospital?" Dad says hesitantly. I frown.
"Dad, please, I don't want to go, you can't let them force me to go" I said, my eyes tearing up.
"I know you don't want to go babe, but you have to..." dad said.
"I.. I guess I'll go...." I whisper and stare down at the floor.
"I'm sorry sweetheart" dad frowns. I look up and stand and hug him.
"No" sheriff says, pushing me away.
"What?" I ask.
"You're not allowed to touch anyone, you're guilty of murder" he said strictly. Dad stared at the sheriff, almost offended.
"But I told you, I didn't do it! This is my father, I should be able to at least hug him before you take me away." I whined.
"No" the sheriff said. I look down at the floor feeling horrible and almost heartbroken.
"I'm sorry Carnee... I don't want you to go, but you have no choice... I'm sorry. I should've picked you up from your friend's house instead of letting you walk home" dad said sadly.
"It's not your fault dad. I guess I'll see you later...." I say, staring back down at the floor and fold my fingers together, my lip starting to tremble and my eyes get watery.
"Okay darling. I guess you have to go. I love you" dad said.
"I love you too daddy" I whisper.
"I assure you, this is the right thing to do" the sheriff commands. He puts his hand on my back and pushes me towards the exit. I turn my head back and look at dad as I walk. He waves goodbye to me. I felt a deep pressure inside my chest and feel like breaking down, but I didn't. I couldn't. Not in front of dad.
  I was put into the cop car and officer Spear starts to drive. I sit in the back seat, my hands were shaky. I folded them together tightly.  I was almost crying, but no tears came out. Officer Spear drives me to a mental hospital far out of town, somewhere I've never been. We enter and a couple doctors approach, then I notice, it was the same surgeons from the last hospital I was trapped in.
"NO!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs and try to get out of Officer Spear's grip. I fight hard and scream and kick. The surgeons grab my arms with a tight grip. I start kicking and screaming, trying to get out of their grip.
"No! You can't do this to me!" I scream. Another surgeon runs up and and puts a needle into my arm and injects me with sleepy medicine, I whimper and scream, whipping my arm around, trying to punch them, but she dodged my swing and I get hit with drowsiness and slowly collapse to the floor.
"Please....no....." I whisper and cry then passing out.
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whoa. thats all i can say.
I'll be posting the third one soon.
I'm also hoping to do huge updates to the stories!
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on July 07, 2016
yess! reading it now
Awesome :3
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