Why am I here?!

Why am I here?!

Kaitly is just moving to America from France. It is also her first year in high school. With her parents being out a lot and her older brother being boring, she has to try and make friends. Does it go as she planned, or will it go terribly?

published on December 27, 201521 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


It has already been a month of school and I still have no friends. At first everyone kept staring at me and didn't talk to me, then they started ignoring me as if I wasn't even there. The only people who called my name were the teachers, and they barely do it. Probably, because I'm one of the smartest kids in the class. One day someone will walk up to me and something will happen. That day was today, a girl walked up to me and said,
        "Do you wanna join me for lunch?" A girl with long brown hair and blue eyes (The picture) came up to me and asked that. I, speechless, nodded and walked with her.
I wonder why she asked that, did fate happen or something? We sit down and she starts to have excitement in her eyes.  "So, your the girl from France? Everybody is scared to go up to you." What I'm not scary. Is it because of my white hair.
        "Why?" I ask hoping for an real answer, not something like 'people from France are rude and mean.' That's stupid.
        "They say you have a mean look in your eye, even the teachers are scared of you." Really, at least it doesn't effect the people of France.
        "Then why did you ask me to sit with you? Is it because of pity?" She looks confused...So, I is out of pity, or...
        "They judge by looks, I judge by personality." A few moments of silence then she starts talking about Idolm@ster. My favorite Idol anime. Then we soon talk about other stuff and I think I found a real friend. When I got home,like always, my parents are out and my brother is watching T.V.
        "Hey, what did you do today." I ask him, and like always no answer. That how he is. T.V, T.V, and more T.V. I ignore him and go to my room. On the way home I got a wall poster so I put it up. Then lay on my bed to admire my hard work. A few minutes later I feed our cat and then turn the T.V off when brother isn't looking. Now he's doing homework. Then I go do homework and it only takes a few minutes because of how smart I am. I turn to my phone and find a text message, from my old friend. She is still back in France and she sent me a picture of her and her boyfriend near my favorite bakery. She used to date my brother, but that's done with and a different story. This is the first text since I left France. How busy has she been? Now I made a new friend and I can relax here. I've gotten better at pronouncing English words but still can't pronounce most easy works. For example party. I say it as in part tea, and people make fun of me.
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This starting to get tense.
on January 09, 2016