Ways to Say Goodbye

Ways to Say Goodbye

This is a story about a girl named Victoria. Her parents are divorced, so she lives with her mom in Oakville. When Victoria finds out her mom is dating Tom, a person that she works with, she feels so angry. This is ruining her plan to get her parents back together! After Tom proposes, Victoria learns that she'll have to move to Vancouver with her new dad and new siblings, Abby and Matt. Victoria has to go to a new school, make new friends and live in a new house and town. And she's dealing with mortal enemies, a crush and a totally new family. On top of all that, her new dad leaves a note that she doesn't completely understand...

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Chapter 1.

Christmas Presents

It was early December and I was walking to school with my friends and we were talking about Jade's birthday party last night. She turned 12 and she was the youngest out of all my friends.
"Guys, I'm so excited for Christmas! I 'm gonna ask for a new phone. Mine sucks," said Samantha. She's been complaining to her parents about her phone a week after she got it. "I'm gonna ask for a new hockey stick," I said. Although my ultimate dream is for my parents to make up. They been divorced for a few months now, I haven't seen my dad since. I've face-timed him a few times, but i haven't actually talked to him in person since "it" happened.
"Well what i want for Christmas is for Jake Moriarti to like me!" said Amanda. Classic Amanda. She's had a crush on Jake Moriarti for, like, a year now. I don't think she knows that he likes Christina Yakitori.
We finally got to school and were talking more about Christmas, when the bell rang.
"Bye, guys!"I said. "Ok, can we stop by my locker before we go to class, Victoria?" asked Sam. "Sure. but be fast. I don't want to write another essay like the last time we were late," I said.
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Wow! Amazing story! I wonder what happens next!
on December 06, 2015