Athena Lea Johnson. 15 year old sister of Jack Johnson from MagCon. With her 12 year old sister Ashlynn Davis. But we just call her Ash/Ashlynn. Athena Lea learns to love within this year and book. Welcome to her world. ONCE YOUVE READ THIS THERES NO GOING BACK.

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Chapter 1.

When I See You Again..........

Cant wait to see Jack again. And all the boys. SQUEE. Me and my best friend Penny are going to suprise them at a meet and greet. It was our turn and i walked up to Jack. "Hi. Im Athena Lea. Would you take a piicture with me?" i asked. BTW i was wearing a hat. "Yeah. I have a sister that has that name too!" he said. "Dumb ass! I AM your sister." i took of the hat. Hayes was the second to give me a hug. Then some girl ran on stage and pushed me and Hayes down to the floor. When we fell we kissed. "Thats how every girl wants to have their first kiss." i joked. We walked back to the house.
Hayes carried me cause my head hurt. "Hey guys. Athenas head really hurts. Maybe we could take her to the hosptal?" he asked. That boy knew me so well. The doctors told me i had a concussion. Jack had to get unpacked along with the others. Hayes stayed though. "Athena, i feell this is all my fault. im so sorry." he apligized. "
"Hayes. This isnt your fault. OW. My head really hurts though." i told him.
He hopped in my bed and held me. I felt safe with him. MORNING. Jack picked me and Hayes up from the hospital. The doctor said i had to stay in bed the entire day. UGH SO BORING. Everybodys out on the beach and im here. I decided to braid my light brown hair which looks great with blue eyes. Ash came into the room. "Well im sorry your stuck in bed. Can i get you anything?" Ash asked me while having her own carmel hair in a braid with her blue eyes. "No, Im ok. And im not stuck in bed. Im going to stay in the house but NOT in bed." i told her. Hayes came in and said " Thats not what the doctor said."
"Yes and she isnt here right now." i said while Ash left the room.
"Ok then guess what?" he said
"would you do anything you wanted if the person said no wasnt here?''
"Hell yeah. Depends on what it is though"
He went in for a kiss. A long hard passiaonate kiss. He let go. I missed his soft lips so i drew him to me.
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