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Athena Athena Cross The Ocean. Come save your bae OK?
I wake up. Penny decided to text me. So normal morning i guess.
Athena why didnt you tell me>-Penny
Tell you what?-me
About you and Hayes! About Hayes fighting Terra and Sara?-penny
Sorry i got home late. i will see you at the beach though.-me
i put my phone down and got my bathing suit on and a cover up. "Bye guys. Im going to the beach." i yelled as i was leaving. I ran to the beach. Penny wasnt there yet. I waited for 3 hours for her to show up. I knew she wasnt coming. I had a feeling sh...
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Athena Lea Johnson. 15 year old sister of Jack Johnson from MagCon. With her 12 year old sister Ashlynn Davis. But we just call her Ash/Ashlynn. Athena Lea learns to love within this year and book. Welcome to her world. ONCE YO...
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hi. wtring storys and quizzes. IF THIS WILL EVER SAVE MY F**** WORK!
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