M.O.S.A.T. 3: Smoking kiIIs

Returning home to Tellus Clara, Gina and Amy discover a lot of gas monsters around the earth. Gas monsters that prove to be the most terrifying and most dangerous creatures in the multiverse.

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Chapter 1.

Returning to Tellus

The story begins with Amy, Gina and Clara returning to earth after being at the biggest mall of the multiverse. It was a long day in the mall but it was worth it. They saved a planet and they also found a new member. Clara was her name and she is an agent. But for now on she is one of the team of M.O.S.A.T. But it would take a while until the organisation will get its name. They all took a break at a pizzeria and bought a family pizza and they also ate pizza salad, a lot of pizza salad.
-So, where are we going next? Amy asked. - Well, we have been through an adventure so how about just rest for the moment. Gina said. -Yes, that's what we need now. One hour rest, then we have collected enough power to continue our journey. Clara said. They ate and ate until the pizza was eaten up. Clara took the last piece, she was the hungriest of them.
They went out to take a walk across the city. Then they saw strange gas monsters flying around. They where almost everywhere. - Who are they? Clara and Amy wondered. - Relax! Those are harmless little gasmonsters. They call them selfs gasitox but I call them gasimon cause I have met them a lot of times and their gas are not toxic at all.
They have come to destroy everything they see and exterminate us all, or that's what they say. But I have never seen them being able to kill anything, not even a fly. They are gas monsters and can't touch solid objects, they just exists. Gina explained. -Hahaha, this time everything have changed! We will destroy you! We will exterminate all of you. A gasitox said.
-Go on, do anything you want! Gina said. -Hahaha, I like you. So you want everything to just get blown up? Gasitox laughed. Well, I have met you a lot of times and you haven't been able to do anything, right. Gina said. Well, that's before the tobacco was created! The gasitox said. -hahaha, what does the tobacco do? Gina asked.
Meanwhile a lady walked pass the gasitox. - Well, you seem very calmed down right now, but let's see your reaction after this warning. Gasitox said and flew in to the lady passing by. The lady suddenly had hard time breathing. She was suffering until she fell on the ground dead.
- This was cancer! A new ability we've got after eating the tobacco that comes from the cigarettes! Gasitox said and laughed his evil laugh. Amy, Gina and Clara jumped up of fear. -Didn't you just say that they where harmless? Amy asked. -Well, yes but cigarettes just made them harmfull! Gina said.
- Nice to meet you but I think we have to go now. Clara said and ran away. Amy and Gina also ran. -How do we defeat them now? Amy asked. - I actually don't know! This was something very new and cause they have been harmless I didn't even try killing them before. Gina said.
They came to a place where everyone smoked their cigarettes. Amy, Gina and Clara tried to make them fimp the cigarettes but the peoples just thought they went crazy. It was too late! Suddenly gasmonsters went out from the cigarettes and in to the lungs of all the smokers. They all got cancer and died!
- Please Gina! Tell me you know how to defeat gas! Amy said scared to death. - I said it's new! I haven't had any reasons to defeat gas before. Gina said. - Well, some day has to be the first time. Clara said and starting to shoot at the gasitox. But every single bullet went just through the gasitox.
- First fact: bullets don't work. Clara said and they ran away. - Try the flamethrower! Gina said and Clara sprouted at the gasitox. It firstly seemed to work, but no. It was still no effect. - What should we try now? Amy asked. - Well, nothing can hit them and if we got touched by them we will get cancer. Gina said.
- We need to hide until we know better. Amy said. They did hide in a safe house. - Come on everyone! Let's think about it! What kills gas? Gina asked everyone. It stood still in the heads. They're just gas, nothing can touch them. Clara said. I'll give up, nothing will kill them! Amy said.
- Let's try death ray! Gina said. - Let's try vaccum them up in a vaccum cleaner! Amy said. -see, you did come up with something! But what would we do after we have sucked them up? Clara asked. Amy thought about it but didn't came up with anything. - Are there any possible way to create black holes? Clara asked. - Well, yes but we will risk falling in to the black hole too. Gina explained. - Maybe it's worth the risk. Amy said.
- Alright! But let me use the deathray first. Gina said. - But won't the deathray just kill everything around? Amy asked. - Nope, I learnt to control the deathray and concentrate it into blasting of in a very controlled way and not so distant blast. It's just to shoot! Gina said.
They walked out and shoot at the gasitox with the deathray. But the gasitox was not dead. He wasn't even injured in any way. Not even a deathray could kill them. Then Gina activated the black hole and told Amy and Clara to hold on to something. They grabbed the closest thing they could find and held on tight. The black hole swallowed the gasitox in to the singularity and they where all gone. Gina activated more black holes that swallowed more gasitox.
When all the gasitox where gone Gina turned of the black holes. When the black holes where gone Amy, Gina and Clara could let go. - That's it! That's how you get rid of the gasitox. Clara said. But then something expanded. It was the gasitox. They had been in the singularity but unfortunately they can survive the singularity cause they are gasmonsters made of gas. Clara added: - or not! - Oh My Lord! How will we possibly get rid of the Gasitox? Amy wondered.
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