The World of Promises

The World of Promises

The World of Promises is about a she cat living with her folks, but turns out there is a crime about to happen! The she is left alone in the home, no food, no water, and no one to play and cuddle with her. What will this cat do? Note that this story is like Warrior Cats. Credit goes to Erin Hunter. Book 1

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Chapter 1.

Home Sweet Home

        The sun shone in my face. My eyes slowly opened. My owner, my favorite one too, stroked me while playing on her human-toy. The youngest owner sat on the floor like he was bored. He was only, oh, maybe 3 moons old. He screeched when he saw me stand and stretch. There was food on the floor for me. I avoided the young human to gulp down the delicious food. A tall shadow crawled over my bowl as the Girl from the Secret Room came in.
        The reason I call this girl the Girl from the Secret Room is because she never lets me in her room. That room is very dark, so last time I went in, I only caught the sight of a large box with a golden thingie in it. I'm guessing it's a fish.
        I came into this family a week ago. I was used to some of the things and what they were called. There was a vacuum, which was super loud and still scared me. There was my favorite human's toy, which I hadn't figured out the name of it yet, but I listened on on a conversation and heard the word "computer" once. Maybe that's it. I've caught on to a lot, and I understand why the young human loves me so much: I'm smaller than him, so he will take advantage of me and hold me as tight as possible. That is, until Tara (my favorite human) tells him to let me go.
        I should probably tell you about where I lived before this. I lived in a barn with my mother cat and siblings: two toms and 4 other she's, not counting me or the 2 she's that died during birth. Our owner would come in and feed my mom so we could eat. I missed my mother. I was only a week old when she died, and I was bought by Tara when I turned a moon old. I look almost exactly like my mother: speckled with brown, black, and tan. My siblings were either a mix or looked like my father. According to Tara, I was the unique one. The Girl from the Secret Room somehow already understands my personality, even though she only comes out of her room for meals and bathroom breaks.
        Anyways, The Girl (what I call her for short), looked at me. She slowly walked toward me and crouched down. I felt her hand quiver as she ran her hand down my spine. Surprised, I slid across the floor and stared at her.
        Why would she want to pet me? She hadn't touched me since the day they got me. I carefully padded across the floor and started to purr. She did like me! I always thought she didn't. Then, suddenly, the dog ruined our moment, crashing into me. It knocked the breath out of me. The dog, who's name was Spinach, panted innocently. He really was stupid. The little boy laughed at me and attacked the dog.
        "SPINACH!" I heard the mate of Tara call for the dog. Spinach jumped up and shot to the back door. Tara laughed softly and patted the bed.
"C'mere Morning." My human said in her gentle, kind voice. She settled under the blanket as I flopped down next to her. Soon I found myself in a deep sleep.
        I awoke. What was that sound? It was like a crash...I leaped up. Tara was gone. So was the boy. But there, in the corner, was the Girl. She was crying. I climbed down from the bed and rubbed against her.
"Oh kitty.. there is a man. In the house.. Please help me.." She cried. I heard the dog whine. He was under the bed, his yellow eyes peeking out from under the blanket. Why did they expect me, the little kitten, to help? I heard another loud crash. Footsteps. The Girl cried harder. I tried to pull her under the bed, but I wasn't strong enough. I mewed loudly. Go! GO! A man came flying in. He glanced around before seeing the Girl.
"No!!!" I cried. But all they heard were mews. The tall man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up harshly. He glanced down at me, kicking me in the side before he left the room, dragging my Girl by the collar of her shirt.
        Now what?
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