just because im punck..

just because im punck..

so first off shout out to fukari. this is a story of a punk girl named anne-marie she tries to fit in in society but because she is punk nobody gets along with her. she thinks she is alone until she moves to another city and meets her friend, sheena, her bestfriend reiva, and her lover George. she then becomes a model and makes a difference in society.

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Chapter 1.
home is better than society

home is better than society

        OH HELL NAH I hate getting up to go to school.. I'm in university but today i'm going to the office and telling them i wont be going anymore .
the reason why i even went to university was because my stupid bitchy ex boyfriend. Turns out the son of a bitch was cheating on me with my bully. I literally cant stand that whore. in 3rd grade she said i was ugly and that i had ugly blonde hair (why i dyed my hair pink).

        Well whatever today i'm leaving the university and start to enjoy my life and get a job. I talked to the principle and now i'm not a student. As i was walking out i saw my ex. He looked at me and said good-bye, but then that bitch martha (my bully) came kissed him and said i see you're talking to an animal. In response i said yeah Jake why are you talking to martha, you know i may be an animal but im not the one looking like a chicken opening my legs for the first guy i see. I didn't even notice the crowd that was recording what i said. she said that i was a bitch and that i was acting like a child. I calmly told her whelp im not the one who stans as a bully since 3rd grade now thats kid behavior.

         i honestly don't care i'm just glad i finally stood up for myself and it felt good you should've seen her face.
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