Black Crow's Beginning

This is my Creepypasta OC, Black Roses, beginning. If I do something wrong, please don't yell at me... Enjoy!

published on January 15, 201632 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The End

Jordan was with her best friend, bored. Both of them were sitting by the couch, playing CoD. She loved that game the most. "No, don't just fly the copter, come pick me-" Laura, her best friend, crashed the plane right into the large monument. "-up." She finished. Looking at her watch, she shouted, "OMG, it's 5:30! You have to get home!" She wasn't saying this to be rude. Laura was supposed to leave at 5:00! "Go!" She shouted. When Laura left her parents were rushing through the door. Laura ran over to her house. "Jordan! We need to go!" What! They had just gotten home! "We have a conference with your fathers boss. You need to stay home, okay? No one comes in other than Laura and maybe the nieghbors. Okay?" Her mother was halfway out the door. "Bye mom, dad!"

At about 8:00----------

It was 8:00, and her parents weren't home. She turned, falling asleep, and then heard a pot or pan fall from the kitchen. She went into the game room, picked up a plate, (it hadn't been washed). And armed herself. "Who's there?" She tried to hide the fear in her voice, but she was really terrified. She turned the corner without making a sound. A man with a hoodie and black pants was in the kitchen. He seemed to be mumbling something, but before she could get closer, someone attacked her from behind. "Slen-" "shhh." She's still awake. Something hit her head and passed out.
When Jordan woke up, she screamed, and tried to run. Something was blocking her mouth, and she couldn't see what was in front of her.  "Calm down, jeez!" The same voice that had been in her kitchen was talking to her now. "I'm Jeff, and the man driving is Slendy." She knew those names. They were creepypasta. She tried to talk, but she couldn't. "Hold on." Slendy said. Something touched her head again, and she passed out, again.
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Comments (1)

I like it, but I wanted to mention that EJ likes kidneys, not liver.

Other than that, really good!
on April 10