Sky's Not The Limit

Sky's Not The Limit

Here we go: Not Your Average Teenage Girl and The Most Peculiar Teenage Boy. Limitless possibilities. Endless wonders. How will this turn out? Unfinished! In progress! Like and comment for more chapters!

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Chapter 1.
Introduction: No Flaws

Introduction: No Flaws

        Ever since I turned 13 I wondered what it was like to be perfect. Was it possible? Was it comforting? What was it like to be pure and unchained by hatred, jealousy, and weakness? I could only imagine. I didn't only want to know, I wanted to be. I wanted to become perfect and truly experience that feeling. But no matter what I did, I could never be perfect. I could never be clean. I could never be pure. One time I got so frustrated that I hit myself. That was proof enough to me that if I harbored such emotions as these, I had no chance. For I would not be truly perfect, as my past was not, so my present could not be stable. What was it like? To have no flaws?
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