Join Oliver as he discovers a shocking family history secret, that will lead him to a new home and body. A book series I invented. Ask for permission to copy.

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Chapter 1.

The Voices In His Head

        My name is Oliver, everyone calls me Ollie, though. One day I was watching TV when the screen blacked out for a split second and turned to static, as fast as it started, the static ended. I shrugged it off as some sort of interference and continued to watch TV.
A couple hours later, I decided it was time to hit the hay. But I woke up around three in the morning, I decided I probably had to go use the bathroom, so I did. However, when I got downstairs I saw something flickering from the living room. I creeped over and looked around the edge of the wall, the TV was on and it was on static. Then I heard the most horrifying sound; the floorboards creaking from upstairs in my room. I grabbed a flashlight from the cabinet and my old baseball bat, I’ll need something to protect myself, I thought as I grabbed the bat.
I went upstairs and I creaked open my bedroom door, I was surprised to see nothing was in my room, or so I thought. “Eh? There’s no-one here…” I said to myself as I laid my baseball bat against my bed. I put down the flashlight and crawled into bed, yawning I fell back into a deep sleep as if nothing happened at all.
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