Tyson the Survivor! (Book 1: Confusion)

Tyson the Survivor! (Book 1: Confusion)

This is a story about a man called Tyson Burdrige, he was sent to a world where he had no visitors (well at least not humans!) and he was forced to survive in it with no escape! He never knew what would come to him. He found a dog, and of course the dog saved his life more than once. Credits: Minecraft (The story is based on the game 'Minecraft') Notes: Please suggest what you want in the comments section below. I am up to the first chapter, I will update this story every now and again.

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First Sight

First Sight

Tyson mysteriously woke up in a forest, he looked at the trees. "Umm....Hello!!?? Anybody here!?" Tyson shouted, he stood up and walked towards the trees, he thought of punching the tree repeatedly, suddenly, the tree trunk got destroyed and it did not fall down. "Weird, at least gravity doesn't exist in THIS world, it would only make sense" Tyson said to himself. He found that when you destroy a block of wood then you can collect it.

"I wonder if I can turn this raw wood into planks?" He wondered, touching his chin. Tyson looked behind his back and saw a backpack, so then he walked slowly to it and then he saw a crafting table next to it. "This is the work block I'm guessing?" Tyson thought, then he put the wood in the crafting table and voila! He made 8 oak wood planks, Tyson made sticks also. "Interesting, this world is so familiar, wait....is this Minecraft!?" He asked

himself, then he made a pickaxe, and a shovel. Tyson then grabbed the shovel and dug out a staircase until he hit rock, he then drifted back up and placed the wood in the backpack and put the backpack on his back.

Tyson grabbed lots and lots of dirt, he grabbed his wood. "I got 6 wooden planks so far, I wanna get a lot more" Tyson thought, he chopped down all the trees around his area, then he ran to his crafting table and crafted a sword. "Okay, great now let's mine some stone" Tyson excitedly said, then he  went to his staircase and dug a lot of stone, about 52. Tyson looked at the sun, it was setting so he knew he had to build a house quickly. "I am going to quickly build a house...you know what? Let's do it" Tyson immediately talked, so he was building a 6 by 6 house, pretty small but the sun was quickly setting. "Done, now let's move my stuff in and craft a furnace." he relieved, Tyson crafted a furnace and moved his crafting table in. He placed his furnace down.

*55 Seconds Later*

Suddenly, Tyson heard a knock on his door, he opened it, and it was a dog! "A dog!? Okay, cool. I will name him Speut!" Tyson announced, he carried Speut inside. He found a bed in his backpack, so he grabbed and placed it, he marched outside then found as many food as possible

*45 Minutes Later*

Tyson returned to his house with 34 porkchops and 30 apples, he put the pork in the furnace and waited for it to cook, to wait Tyson could go to bed, since it is night-time, so he patted Speut, and ate a porkchop from the furnace. "Tastes good..." he thought, nodding his head. Tyson patted Speut on the back, he thought to do one more thing, to kill some monsters outside. So Tyson opened the door and killed some skeletons.

*5 Minutes Later*

He killed 10 skeletons, now it's time for bed, so he lied down in bed, and closed his eyes.
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