To My Brother

To My Brother

This one is to my brother who just decided he might be gay. I love you, man.

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He grips your shoulders tight in his grasp. His long fingers curl around your shoulders, holding you still. His face nears yours, a small smile playing at the corners of his pink lips. His tongue darts out and licks them wet. A blush rises to your cheeks.

"I love you," Adrian whispers, his minty, hot breath hitting your already warm flesh. He steps closer until his chest nearly rubbed to yours.

"I-I love you too," You stammer, lost in his deep red eyes. You didn't remember what the cause of the irises being crimson was, but you liked it. They poked out from his pin straight black hair that just barely reached his eyes and dusted them to hide them.

"I can prove it," He let go of your arms, and you realize you've been holding your breath. "I can show you just how much I love you..." You two had been dating for a while, a good five months. You learned -in the time you spent together in school and out- his mood swings and that he was very much a dominant lover. He loved dirty talking, flirting and biting.

"Oh Adrian," You moan as he finger trails along your jaw. You lean into his gentle touch, the rough calloused fingertips sending shivers down your spine. you reach out with one hand and clutch the bottom of his black tee shirt. He smirks and presses his left hand to your chest, his right cupping the back of your head as he slammed you against your bedroom wall. His hand that cushioned your head from the impact retreated to lacing itself in your hair, tugging lightly at your scalp. The hand on your chest slowly trailed down your torso, then back up to trace small pictures on your chest. He leaned forward and his full lips met yours.

Your lips moved in synch with his, and you shiver with excitement. His lips crush closer on yours, and you pull his shirt upwards. He breaks the kiss for only a moment to rid both him and you of your shirts. And there it is. Right over his hear is the tattoo you had thought about so many times. It is simple, just a heart, but with his name in it. You've laid awake all hours of the night imagining committing it to memory in a whole new way. He smirked, watching your eyes trace the black lines.

"Don't worry love, you'll have plenty of time for that." His back muscles flexed as he bent down, and you stare at his butt. You look away when he straightens up, but something about the way he eyes you gives you the impression he knew.

"Alright, I want you on the bed." You do as told and lay on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. He takes a strip of material and tie your wrist to the head board. He crawls over your body, making sure to grind his hips ever so lightly to yours as he passed, which caused a low growl to escape your lips. He tied that hand just as tight.

He crawls back onto you, straddling your hips. He smiles warmly and trails his palms up your chest before dragging his finger nails back down the soft skin. You twist under his touch.

"Say you want me, (Y/N). Tell me how much you want my touch..." Adrian slips back down your body, pressing kisses down your torso until he meets your jean's waist band. His fingers pop the button with ease and he peels the denim from your legs. He returns to a standing position, throwing your jeans to the left and dropping his own. You both only remain in boxers.

Adrian smirked and grabbed a pocket knife from his night stand. Your eyes watched the blade wearily. He moved the blade with precision over your chest, marking in a name. His name. You belong to him. He discards the blood covered knife and licks blood from the name on your chest. He stands above you, stripping his boxers from his waist to his ankles, stepping from them and it one swift movement he sent them across the room. He removes yours now.

He begins kissing down your torso, stopping to bite the skin a few times. You take this moment of distraction to grasp the handle of the black knife and saw the ties off. You drop the blade with a clang and grab his jaw, dragging him back to your lips. You bite into his lower lip and grab his arousal. He moans as you begin to rub your hand up and down the shaft. He pushes your hand away and drags his lips from yours.

"This is about me proving to you, not the other way around." He complains, clearly flustered by your sudden dominance. You chuckle. "Oh you think that is funny?" He holds out his hand and you spit into his palm. He rubs it over his length and rocks you up. You wrap your legs around his hips and he pushes his length into you. You both moan with every inch he enters. "Who is laughing now?" He pants, waiting for your okay to move.

You buck your hips and he begins to pull out slowly, only to smash back in. He sets a slow tempo, almost like he is trying to be romantic. Your finger nails scratch over his back. You lace your fingers in his hair and tug. Your eyes roll back any you close them. When you open them again Adrian is smirking down at you. Your body clenches as he pauses only to speed up.

You call out his name and bit his shoulder. He moans out your name too. He shifts to balance on one arm and uses his free hand to rub your length. He speeds up more, shifting to hit your sweet spot. His lips come down on yous as your body tightens and clenches, preparing to hit its high.

"(Y/N), how close... are... you?" Adrian moans out.

"Too close for comfort," You writhe under him. With one more particularly hard thrust you spasm over the edge, him following close behind. You both scream, and as you come down from the high, you're glad no one is home.

Adrian falls from you and leans over your chest to lick up your hot seed. You roll your head on your neck and pull Adrian closer. You cuddle up to him and entwine your fingers with his.

"I love you..." He whispers. A smile dances across your lips.

"No you don't," You reply. He sits up to look at you. The goofy grin on your face finishes off the implication.

"I think I need a shower..." He trails, a smirk of realization on his lips.

"Yeah, me too..." You both laugh and jump up from the bed, racing to the bathroom across the hall.

Hey so I hope you like it's a reader insert.
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Comments (5)

it sounds like a girl
on September 06, 2014
This is very interesting, even though I'm a gal.
on July 21, 2014
Oh, sorry-- Adrian, not Adrien.

That's sweet.
on July 16, 2014
It sounds too much like a girl and a boy, not a boy and a boy. Maybe Adrien could be a little more rough with his words, and the main character, 'you', could be a little more stern/tough like Adrien. Otherwise, though, good so far.
I was trying to make Sub! like my friend who is a total pussy, and Adrian might seem like an asswipe but he is just a top because my friend would never be a top.
on July 18, 2014
on July 16, 2014