FNAF- Partnershifts

FNAF- Partnershifts

An AU of Five Nights at Freddy's. Rett is the Purple Guy and Asher is the new OC in the series. It takes place between FNAF 1-2. Where the new animatronics are still being made.

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Chapter 1.

First Shift

It’s been a long old day. My ears are still ringing from their screams. Why did I sign up for this shift in earth’s personal hell?

The checkered floor looked so ancient as the ponytailed man followed the head security guard.  The pressed polyester night guard uniform was a bit snug but he didn’t plan on doing the shirt up.  It wasn’t his style to be all neat and tidy. He watched the head guy point to a few of the posters, but in reality he didn’t care much for them. –He’s trying to make small talk it looks like. Oh goodie-

Then the guard turned around, “Hey, you still listening noobie?”  Annoyed his mismatched eyes narrowed at the remark from him. “Yah, I hear you …Rett right?” Rett rolled his eyes, “yes, and don’t you forget it Ash.”  

Ash sighed, “So we got all this to do and we get paid what? A measly $120 at the end of the week.” Rett turned around glaring at him again, “Then why did you apply if you don’t like the pay? Did you even read the job description?”

“That’s funny coming from you when clearly I can hear from your voice you hate kids. Why are you here then?”  “I asked you first Asher.”  Ash smirked, but replied, “Seemed like an easy job and I like night shifts” Rett was quiet at first but gave up, “Kinda of my reasoning you stole. Plus I needed the extra money.”

Seeing the animosity died out as fast as it flared up, Ash added, “We all need the extra pocket money. The economy frickin bombs.”  That got a chuckle out of him.
They walked over to the office, it really was small. The desk had a metal fan and the light above buzzed annoyingly. “How does that not annoy you??” Rett laughed, “Trust me, that’s the least of our worries.”  
“What fatties raiding the kitchen?” Ash watched Rett fall into his chair laughing hardcore. “Oh my god, that’s priceless…We should have hired you long time ago.”  

“Ya, I crack jokes and have sarcastic remarks when I’m in a good mood.”  Rett’s eyes flickered yellow but Ash didn’t notice it. “So, what are you like when you are angry or sad?”  Ash touched the random toy cupcake on the desk a bit distracted that it looked like a skull. “Just….different I guess.”  Rett smirked knowing there was more he was hiding.  “This is really creepy. We don’t give these out to the kids do we?” He asked picking up the toy and wiggling it at Rett. Grinning Rett shook his head, “It was an inside joke between me and the last guard.”  

Putting it back on the desk and poking at the little stuff toy bunny, Ash looked back at Rett. “So what happened to the last guy?”  Swinging around in his chair Rett answered, “Up and quit. Had the spooks apparently. He was a bit of an ass anyways.”  Ash nodded, “So, what about the third guard? Jeremy?”  

Rett leaned on the desk turning his head towards Ash, “To be honest we won’t be seeing much of him. He’s a ditz anyways, and been put on the day shift.  The kids love him apparently.”
Asher pulled up a spare chair to the desk. “So, we are here till 6am right?” Rett put his feet on the desk crossing them. “Yep…we are in for a long night.”

Rett looked unphased as the night slowly ticked by. The clock was agonizing to watch. The security cameras glitched and screeched suddenly making Rett jump to his feet.  “Looks like you’re gonna experience what I go through tonight. No mercy it appears…”

Asher’s eyes widened as he fixed his cap and stood with Rett. “Dude, what’s going on?”  Rett reached into his desk and pulled out a large knife hidden under a fake bottom drawer.  “I hope you got balls, because shit gets real tonight.”
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