What did I say?

What did I say?

This story will make you realize what kind of friendship Lucy, Natsu and Happy have. If there is any errors, or grammars, tell me in the comments please... Plus do not forget to comment below! I'd love that!

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Chapter 1.
The shock.

The shock.

Lucy walked with her two friends. Her blue skirt blown in the wind. Her smile was big, and she thought nobody could ruin it. Natsu, watched Lucy's happy expression. It made him smile, too. Lucy continued on her walk. It was all silent. But, nothing was bad. Lucy liked watching Natsu see Lucy happy. Even Happy watched Lucy. He gave her a smile back. But he gave her a little one. "come on, Happy! You got to smile more! After all... your name is Happy." Natsu chuckled at Lucy's joke.
It made Lucy feel good inside. "okay, Lucy." he gave it a shot.
His smile was deeply, way, bigger than Lucy's. It almost looked like Jeff The Killer's. "that's it, Happy!" cheered Lucy.
But, after a while... it got hotter, in the desert. Lucy could not stand walking more. Happy was too tired of flapping his big, fluffy, angel wings. "you okay?" pleased Natsu, in a nice manner.
Lucy gulped her saliva. Her only liquid she had. "of course-NOT. Does it look like it?" Lucy's smile was smeared. And her lungs were old. And most of all, her legs were no longer juicy. They were like chicken legs.
Natsu did not reply. His eyes were big, but his pupils were tiny. Happy gulped. "you do know Lucy, last night before night time... natsu and I were talking about how much you boss us around. Neither of us enjoy it." happy explained.
Lucy became like Natsu for a for a moment, "no." she disagreed. She ran in a different path.
Natsu was too frozen to chase her. And happy's wings and legs were broken into chopped fish, that they could not chase her.
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Pretty darn good!
on May 14, 2016