Our National Best Friends Day

Our National Best Friends Day

Today is National Best Friends Day, and Maraya and Ms. Carolyn go out to take a walk in the city together to do fun things. Afterward, they run into Maraya's six other best friends: Carmen, Novalee, Ashley, Erin, Jess, and Anie, and they end up having more fun together. This story is based on an extra episode of the series "My School Life'", created by the creator, Maraya Adams.

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning of National Best Friends Day

It takes place one morning, at a special house in Rollingwood Trail that belonged to one of Maraya's beloved best friends: Ms. Carolyn.

But Ms. Carolyn was not only Maraya's best friend, though. She was also her bus driver for school in the mornings and afternoons. In fact, Maraya thought that she was the best bus driver ever!

It was about 5 AM, when suddenly, Ms. Carolyn was waking Maraya up. "Wake up, Maraya," she said to Maraya while shaking her side.

Maraya yawned and got up.

"Good morning, Maraya," Ms. Carolyn tells her. "Are you ready to start our special day?"

"Special day?" Maraya questioned to her. "What special day?"

"National Best Friends Day, of course," replies Ms. Carolyn.

"National Best Friends Day?" Maraya questioned again. "Is that even a real holiday?"

"Of course it's a real holiday," she continues. "Just like Christmas and it only comes once a year."

Maraya started to understand what Ms. Carolyn was saying.

"Come on, let's get ready for our special day," she tells Maraya.

Maraya starts to get out of bed. "Okay."

So they started getting ready by getting dressed first. Ms. Carolyn was planning to wear a white tanktop with green shorts, white socks, and matching tennis shoes. Maraya was planning to wear a short sleeved pink shirt with black pants and matching dress shoes, along with a sky blue jacket as well. Then, they walked to the kitchen to have breakfast. After Ms. Carolyn made their breakfast, she served two white mugs just for themselves. One of them had coffee in it, and another had hot tea.

"Here, Maraya. I made you some hot tea since you don't like coffee," she tells Maraya as she gave her the white mug with the hot tea in it.

"Thank you, Ms. Carolyn," she thanks her.

After Ms. Carolyn sat down in the chair that was across from Maraya's, they did a special best friends cheer.

"To the best friends on this special day, let them have fun while they imagine and play."

After they said the special best friends cheer, they crash each other's mugs and started drinking until they were done.

Next, they were about to brush their teeth, when all of a sudden, Ms. Carolyn asked her a question. "Maraya, would you like to go first, or do you want me to go first?"

"How about if we both go first?" Maraya asked Ms. Carolyn.

"What a great idea," said Ms. Carolyn. While they were applying toothpaste on their toothbrushes, Ms. Carolyn tells Maraya, "Maraya, you always think of the best ideas."

"I sure do," she admitted. Then, Maraya and Ms. Carolyn started brushing their teeth and after they did that, they both brush their hair, using their hairbrushes. Today, they weren't planning to style it, since they both love wearing the same hairstyle every day.

A few minutes later, they were all ready to start their special day. But the first question that came up in their heads was, "What should we do today?"

As soon as that question popped up in their heads, Ms. Carolyn got an idea. "I know. How about if we can go to the city and explore?"

"But how are we going to get there?" Maraya asked.

"You have to guess," she told her.

"Are we going to take your bus?" Maraya questioned.

"No," answered Ms. Carolyn. "Plus, it's summertime. Who would ever drive a school bus in the summertime?"

"You," Maraya says, pointing to her.

"No," she replied. "Guess again."

Maraya thought for a second. "Are we going to take your car?"

"No," she replied again.

"Then how are we going to get to the city?" Maraya asks her.

"We're going to take a walk down to the city," Ms. Carolyn answered Maraya again.

"But, Ms. Carolyn, that will take ages for us to get there," she told her.

"Not really," admitted Ms. Carolyn. "It will take only a few hours, trust me."

"Okay," Maraya said.

They started to walk out of the house, holding each other's hands. After Ms. Carolyn shut the door, they started to take a walk down to the city and have fun.
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