Jason's Return story short Leo's Return

Jason's Return story short Leo's Return

This is the sixth in the series and I don't even care if no one reads these cuz I like doin them. :D

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Piper wasn't really looking forward to Jason's return.  Reasons:  unexplained to the public eye.  Take a guess though.  

They found him curled up in a ball on the floor. It didn't look like he wanted to stand up.

"Jason. Get up." Percy yelled at him. He obviously wasn't in a good mood today. Jason shook his head.  Percy walked over and tried to pull him up, Jason yanked Percy down with him.

"What even happened to you?" Percy pried further.

"You don't want to know." Jason responded shaking his head again.

"Well, you need to stand up at some point." Percy informed Jason. Jason inside and looked like he was about to get up, then he requested,

"Everybody leave." He paused, " except Piper."  Piper shot a guilty look at Nico, who is staring at the ground.

" Okay." Piper said, and step closer to Jason.

Soon, everybody had left the room except Piper and Jason. Jason stood up, and Piper gasped.  Okay, piper was about 5 foot seven. Jason… Was shorter than that.  By a lot.

"Uh..."  She said in shock.  " ok.  You had a good reason for sitting down."  So Jason sat back down.  Piper pulled him back up.

"Make sure no one's watching, then I'll come up."  They agreed, and Jason snuck aboard and sat down in the ship.

Eventually, Leo found his way to Jason.  He snuck up on him and dumped him out of his chair.  Jason sat on the floor instead.  Leo finally managed to pull Jason to his feet and laughed at him. Being a few inches shorter than Leo, Jason was insanely embarrassed and sat right back down.  Leo was still laughing when he went off to tell the others what had happened to him.

Jason would have run after him, but that was just more proof than Leo currently had.  

When Leo returned, he let Jason know that Annabeth was gone, so it was probably her turn next.  Then after being helpful for once, Leo made fun of how Jason was even shorter than Coach Hedge.  He didn't laugh.

Then Leo kept talking (mostly to himself and Festus, but Jason was close enough to hear every painfully word.)  About what he thought would happen to Annabeth.

"She'll probably be really dumb or something.   That'd be cool."  He kept going like this until... a long long time.
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im kinda confused
ignore these small fics they're just me being sleepy and deciding to post all of my small ideas in a series heh sorry to waste your time
on May 27, 2016
on May 12, 2016