Judgement Hall 3

Judgement Hall 3

Heya it's Sans. Here is another judgement hall. Hope you enjoy, you might as well comment. Or not. *snore*

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Judgement Hall Part 3

Judgement Hall Part 3

Augh! God dammit, I feel like an idiot. How the hell did I let this happen. Well, It’s time to work. First things first. I made them habitable again. Then, I gave them their soul back. Slowely they awakened from their deep sleep. So I decided to take them to Grillby’s. But they asked me to take them to the statue near the waterfall first. So I made a pitstop. As we were going, Frisk had a flashback and ran. They said they were going to get IT. As I waited for them. I kept wondering, why was this old, dirty thing so important? It’d been around forever. There wasn’t anything special about it. So, why did they need to ACT here? They came back with an umbrella. They looked renewed. Defiant, almost? But not at me. Watching them smile up at the statue, listening to it, wow. It made me realize. Just how sweet their soul was. That they couldn’t hurt ANYONE.

Now, we were going to Grillby’s. So when we got there I started of nice and slow. I asked them small questions. While I joked, I was trying not to think. OH MY GOD, I murdered an eight year old three times. Obviously, I failed. Badly. But I did think about it, and the more I did, the more I realized. Not only did I use my full power. I also used the souls, on a goddamn innocent baby. In the heat of the moment, I’m not sure what came over me. I can’t really think of the last time I’d felt so goddamn weak. I could’ve known. I could’ve known! But, I didn’t. It’s funny how one innocent question. Could make me grin like an idiot. There was no way around it. I just had to ask them, how they got mixed up with that demon child and the talking flower. The conversation got serious then. They told me that I was right. That kids like them should be burning in hell. I just knew that Papyrus was gone, I lost my mind. If kids like them were burning in hell. Then big-booned guys like me, better damn well make sure they’re burning nothing but marshmallows. There’s no possible way I can take everything back. To write over a bad save with a good.
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that moment when you just need more of something (rn this story)
on March 23, 2017