Cryptic Killer

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Cryptic killer

                    “ The heck are you doing in my car Jack?!” He asked. Boy was he mad. I can tell, he just doesn't like cursing.I looked at him and he looked back with first angry eyes until it dawned on him that I was frightened.Oh so dearly frightened. He reached in the car holding my face, “ Jack? Jack what happened?” I stared at his face for a second. Yes this was my father, his hair curly like mine and outrageously handsome. To bad I wasn't. “ I-I dad… do you remember when I got kidnapped?” His hands went slack on my face and dropped.He closed his eyes slowly. “ Jack. Jack my son, is it time to go back to the therapist?” I looked at him. Bewildered by this statement. He knew I hated the therapist. “ What? No, I- dad you didn't even listen to me. The guy, the same guy that kidnapped me is back,back to kill me, and... and  God knows who else!” I said all this with such speed that I didn't have time to take a breath. My father looked at me with sad eyes then all of a sudden his eyes popped  out in surprise.He backed up as if I had pushed him back,
               “ Dad? Dad are you ok?” I started to feel anxious. He just stared back at me with those empty sad eyes. “ ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!” Then he fell. Just fell on the floor. The thud was heartbreaking that I could feel my own heart ripping at the noise. “ DAD!” I don't know why, when the drivers door was  open,  but I climbed out the passengers window and made my way toward him hastily. “ Dad…” I croaked. There was an arrow… or at least some sort... hanging out of his stomach the point and stick all the way through. But instead of the point being just that, a regular point, it was a knife . Yes a knife attached to the shaft of the arrow, and  the sickest part. The part I cant bear. Was the note. The bloody note attached to the knife had made it through MY FATHER.MY father's body. With shaking hands I took the bloody note and read aloud “ This will happen. Again. And again. I shall kill all you know and love. You may have stopped me from killing those children. But you haven't killed my love for killing.”
                I look around. Where the hell had that arrow come from anyway? I look up. It's still so cold.So dark.He could be anywhere. I shudder off my gray jacket and lay it upon my father's corpse. I  walk up to the car and start the engine with bloody hands. I go to the police station hoping for help and instead I find two drunks that call themselves cops. This is a disgrace. “ Hey kid! Come here! What you doing here at 2:00 in the morning huh ?” I told them my whole story and the  whole time they giggled at every finishing sentence. The other one with a soaken beard said “Hey, how do we know you didn't commit the uh the uh…..” “ Crime” the other answered. “ Yeah!” And they both started to laugh again. IDIOTS! “ WHAT?! THATS MY FATHER YOU SLIMEY DRUNK-” “ Then what's that blood on your hands for,” the one without the beard said like he didn't care.
                               I looked down on my hands. Damn. How am I going to explain this one. “ Yeah, well he looks pretty guilty to me,” the one with the beard said, “ How bout that Carl?”Silence. “ Carl?” We both looked at him.  HOW?!HOW HAD I NOT SEEN?! There was another knife, only this time just a knife, piercing out from the back of his head. “ Hey WHAT THE HEL- GAGH!” I looked at the other one. OH my God.There was a knife sticking out of his throat.  He dropped, for the other cop was already sitting and just drooped .I spun in a full circle looking at all the doors  to make sure they are locked.
How had he gotten- I froze with such force that I almost fell backwards. The window  was wide open.To wide in fact. I drew closer. The hinges.One of the hinges were busted.

                              My eyes popped out,paralyzed and traumatized, I started to mumble and mutter to myself taking a seat on the tiles that now had blood as decorations. “ I-I have to get out of here,I have to leave, hide, yes yes far-far away from here.” I got up and walked out….so calmly that it scared me. I started whistling- I don't know what was wrong with me...I just had and urge to do so , to hold back my tears-until I heard a noise.I stopped. My face still in a whistling position.Then I ran,choking and gasping for breath,crying merciless and continuous  tears. I went into the car and slammed it closed and took some time to cry there.I cried and cried and cried, all the same smacking myself telling myself to be man, but tears are all that came in result to the lectures I handed myself so shookedly. “ Calm yourself kid, Don't hurt yourself to much.” I put up my head. I know that voice the same one that rang like a bullet in my head, the one that was as sharp as a knife scraping a against a wall, as velvet as red blood being poured out of a slit throat,the one that had told me he was coming again.

                     I looked in the rear view mirror, and saw that same gesture and white smiling teeth looking back at me. The last thing i saw was a chainsaw and red. All. Red.
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