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Cryptic Killer
just read the god damn story please and rate it ok? still wants words. oh there.
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Songs I Make
if you know me you know i like making songs stories poems, etc. heres some of the songs i made and reminer : never said they were good. also theres instructions on how to read it by the title.
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The story of my life part two ( sorry guys)
i realized that i forgot to add a few details and hint here and there so heres some things i missed. ( sorry for that ugly ass photo) i also put humor cus my lifes a joke. plz read it cus it makes me feel a bit better that peo...
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Murder Blind to the eye
yeeet. lot of death. crazy pyschos, momless and fatherless kid named Mike you know basically what happens these days. just read it, its good and i need ratings cus i really like to write stories.
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the story of my dont wanna read this
ok so this is funny ( if your dark humored) depressing depressing depressing.>.depressing funny CONTINUE FORWARD! ( i labeled this category humor cus my life is a joke. HAHAHA god help me)
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