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Ciel Phantomhive part 1 (male reader)

Ciel Phantomhive part 1 (male reader)

Ciel strolls silently around town with his butler and new maid by his side. It was only to be (Y/N) and Sebastian on this journey, yet some how the young lad was dragged along. A bored expression was plastered on his face. "Why did you even bring me along?" He questions, glaring at his butler. "Because, young master. I thought you would enjoy the fresh air." The tall raven haired male speaks. They roll their eyes.

You take in all the beauty around you. This is the first time they have brought you along with. Usually it's Bardroy or Finny. So this is a plus! "(Y/N).. (Y/N)!" You shake your head and peer up at the taller male to your right. "You're spacing out." Sebastian states. "Stay focused for once." Ciel chimes in. You frown from the harsh words.
        "He's just a bit grumpy today, that's all." Sebastian leans down, whispering to you. You nod, though it still didn't seem right for him to be acting in such a way. It's got to be nothing, right?

                                        ~3 hours later~
You all arrive back to the manor, and just in time to start preparing for supper too. "(Y/N), will you go check on the young master? I need to start on the food." Sebastian explains. You nod your head and walk out of the room. Once in the hall you dash up the large stair case and to his office. You knock on the door in a specific way, notifying that it's just you. "Come in." Ciel speaks, trying not to sound excited. You walk in with a large smile and take a seat in front of him.
        "Sebastian is preparing dinner right now." You state, leaning forward a bit. "Oh, is that so?" He asks. You nod, your smiling fading slightly. "When can we tell him?" You ask peering at your lover.

                                -Ciel's p.o.v-
I spit my tea out all over my desk when I hear (Y/N) speak. "No, never." I say, my eye wide. "Well, why not?" I asks, folding his arms across his chest.
"Image what he would say!"
"Why? I'm pretty sure he's into guys anyway." He explains, chuckling at his own remark. I roll my eyes, leaning back in the chair. "Even if we did, I would we even start the conversation?" I say, hoping he didn't have an answer. "We could just ease it in a conversation." He says just moments later.
        "Fine, but when?"
"How about Friday?"
"But that's only to days away!" I protest. "It's now, or never." I let out a huff of air. "Fine. On Friday, we'll tell him."
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on December 30, 2018
it super cool and I have a wired request: Freddy x reader
u know who Freddy is right? but just sure fnaf im stupid
on May 06, 2018
awsome story
on December 12, 2015