nicknames for your ex-friends

(warning: only do this if you have a partner because if they complain to a teacher, you have to have back-up.)

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So, lets say your ex-friends name is albert.
The first part(usually an adjective):                   The second part(normally a thing or an animal):
Abandoned                                                      Aardvark
Abortive                                                          Abacus
Abraded                                                          Abalone
Absent                                                            Acacia
Absurd                                                            Accordion
Accost                                                             Admiral
Accusing                                                         adult
Addicted                                                         advertisement
Afraid                                                             aeroplane
agape                                                             agent
aggravating                                                     air
aggressive                                                      alarm
aghast                                                           alcohol  
airsick                                                           alert
Allergic                                                          alien
alluded                                                          Alligator
aloof                                                             alphabet
ambiguous                                                     ambulance
ambushing                                                     anaconda
Amused                                                         ancestor
angry                                                           angel
anguished                                                      animal
annoyed                                                         ankle
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