This is a short story I'm writing for my sci-fi lit. class. Around the year 3019, follow a young woman as she uncovers the mysteries of not just her origin, but of how she and another came to be. (A story photo is being currently made)

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The beginning

‘“It was the year 2901, when the interdimensional pouch was created. Scientists had finally discovered how to create dimension pockets in a bag, allowing more space for storing items. As of today, in the year 3019, local scientist Adarsa Acheros has improved this invention by-” *Splat* A piece of wet paper slid down a young girl’s face. Her golden eyes swelled with tears as the teacher in charge started yelling at the class. Another young girl sat back in her seat, a smirk on her face. Her red hair, abnormally long, swished against the ground as she glared at the small girl who was crying.        
“Teacher! I saw who did it!” Another student shouted and pointed to the red haired girl.
“Miss Aella Acheros! What did I say about shooting spitballs?” Aella just smirked, a toothed grin coming to her face.
“It was boring. Everything Raja said was stupid! We all already know this!” She exclaimed, a dull expression on her face. ‘Raja… interesting…’
“Listen here young lady! Although your father is famous, you can not act like a stuck up little brat. Now apologize this instant!” The teacher finished, face red from yelling. Aella scoffed and rolled her eyes.
“Sorry…” She said, rolling her eyes. The teacher sighed, exasperated. Raja went back to her seat, head down in embarrassment. A sharp ring echoed throughout the school, signaling that class has ended. Aella ran out of the classroom, bag in hand. She grinned as she shoved some unlucky kids out of the way. Today was the day; the day when she could finally be modified. Outside the school, a long limo-like vehicle hovered. The door opened on it’s own and Aella hopped in.
Buildings whizzed by as Aella fidgeted in the cold leather seats, excited about what was about to take place. Her stomach fluttered as she thought about what modifications she would be given. A colossal building soon came into her view. It cast a long shadow, almost blocking out the sun entirely.’

The screen started to glitch out. I cursed, hitting the laptop. I brushed my fingers through my greasy hair. I was so close. Why did the stupid thing glitch out! Grumbling, I turned around and stared at the child in the tube. Her eyes were closed, a small smile on her face. Red hair floated around her, encasing her like a pair of wings. She looked angelic. Pity formed in my stomach.
“Poor kid…” I mumbled, thinking aloud. The girl in the tube was Aella. Her father had tricked her into becoming a science experiment. Hacking into her memory drive would had shown their location, and hopefully the experiments that were put on her. I rested my hand on the cool glass. It felt smooth to the touch. A sharp knock echoed through the room, causing momentary panic. Breathing out slowly, I activated my hearing module. The heartbeat of the person behind the door slowly quickened. I quickly searched through my data banks and matched the time of beats. A profile showed in front of me.

Name: Chai Malhara
Standing: La Libertá
Blood Type: O

A sigh of relief left my lips as I allowed the door to open.
To be continued in the next chapter! :D
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Excellent! ^_^
on May 12, 2016
on May 12, 2016