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I remember the story of how i got into homestuck like it was yesterday. It was about a year and a half ago when i had actually entered the fandom but for the longest time i had hated homestuck.

During Junior high and some bit of freshman year i was working on a comic, one that i am still working on to this day, and people would come up to me and say "hey is that your fan troll?" My reaction of course was, "what in hylia is a fan troll?" Because i had never heard of Homestuck whatsoever. At the time i was a major Legend of Zelda nerd, and still am, and had no interest in joining any new fandoms.

People continued to compare my work to Homestuck, something i had never heard of, and yet there they were, claiming i did. I grew to hate homestuck and i had yet to experience it.

Then during the year i became a sophmore i had experienced the most beautiful thing ever. Broadwaystuck. I had no idea what the stuck part was but i was loving the parodies of some of my favorite and even least favorite songs. I was jamming to that stuff.

One day i was on watt pad, just looking around and watt pad suggested a story called "Horns over heals for you." Now, at the time i didnt read fanfic really, unless it was loz or creepypasta related so i had assumed it wasnt fanfiction or anything. I opened the link and read the story and cried my heart out.

I had stumbled upon Sadstuck. Davekat sadstuck. My feels were all over the place. I was a sobbing mess that afternoon and i loved it. I was shipping those two so hard and i had no clue what i had read. I looked through the fan fiction and there is was, "Homestuck" there to taunt me.

I finally decided that i would check out the so called Homestuck in hopes that DaveKat was cannon. So i started Act 1 and i couldnt stop laughing at Egbert and his dad. I also was like "yoooo whats up with these cakes?"

Then Act 2 rolled around and i met Dave and i was freaking out. "Omf its dave ahhh where is Karkat?" I had no clue what any of them actually looked like and i was so set on DaveKat.

By the time i was on Act 5 i was already cosplaying Karkat and Dave. I had no idea when Kankri came in but i was cosplaying him too. I made plans to cosplay as Jake and Signless and Kurloz. I went to the airport as Karkat one time and i walked around Nashvile as Karkat. I went to wallmart and mcdonalds in cosplay, the only time i took selfies i was in cosplay, it was taking over my life. I had a fan troll and a fan human oc and i shipped myself with Karkat so hard. I was nonstop reading Homestuck fanfictions. I shipped Karkat with everyone, i sold my soul to Andrew Hussie.

November 15th, 2014. I sold My soul to Andrew Hussie.



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I love this
on March 20, 2016