Voldemort and the Quest for Facial Hair

Voldemort and the Quest for Facial Hair

As you may know, Voldemort is a very hairless fellow. It is time for that to end. *dramatic chord*

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Chapter 1.


Wormtail was screwing in new lightbulbs. This was good, because without a brightly lit chandelier for the stairs, Voldemort had fractured a rib one morning when he took a tumble. But the chandelier was dusty and rusty, and the metal made a terrible screeching sound as Wormtail worked.
"Wormtail, what is that racket?" Voldy yelled from the kitchen.
"Merely the chandelier, my lord," Wormtail called back.
Voldy grumbled and patted his pale head. "Shh my sweet," he said to himself, "it will be over soon." Then he winced when he reached his arm out too far for a butter knife. His rib was not completely healed yet.
Nagini had chuckled when Voldy injured himself. You see, she thought it was silly. She had countless ribs - her whole body was a big flexible ribcage. The snake didn't get how one small fall could have that result. Every day she swallowed rodents and various knick-knacks that were wider than her.
Various knick-knacks?
Somehow this magical snake didn't have severe digestion problems from gulping down garden gnomes and bobble-heads.
Voldy had actually tried it once. It didn't end well.
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