Promise of dawn

Promise of dawn

Clara and Bethany have been friends for years already. On a day out, Bethany reconnects with an old friend from her past named Percy. When the school bully attacks Clara, Percy and Bethany save Clara's life and continue to do so. What happens to Clara? Does she survive the deadly attacks given to her? Read this book to find out!

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Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Bethany

When I wake up I hear my phone ring. I get up and grab my favorite blue tee-shirt and my lucky jeans and put them on. I walk out of my room downstairs. I realize it’s Saturday thank God for that. I call Clara,
“Hey want to go for a bike ride to park today”
        “Sure I have to do stuff first”, She says in a weird tone “I come to your house and wait for you?” she adds.
        “Sure I got to go see you in a few,”.
        “Ok Bye”.
As I get my bike I hear my parents talking in the kitchen. I sit on the step with my bike and wait for Clara  which is only a couple minutes away. She walks up our long tortuous drive why. She sees me on her steps waiting for her. She runs to me and gives me a hug. I don’t know why.
        “Hey, Hi whats with the hugs today?” I said with amusement
        “My parents got in a really big fight.” she responded
She starts to cry again. We sit down and I start crying too. We finally stop and bike to the park. I see my old best friend Percy Logan. I’m so glad to see him again. He was my best friend in 1st grade until he had to move away. I walk over to him and said hi.
        “Hi Bethany,” He says with amazement and astonishment.
        “Hey Percy It’s been so long! What brings you back to <setting>?” I say with a surprised face as well as confusion in my eyes. Percy had moved away to Boston in 1st grade after his father got a new job there. I never thought I’d see him again.
        “Well things in Boston haven’t exactly been the best. You know with the bombing and all.” Percy explained “By the way, who’s your friend?” He asks with pure curiosity in his expression.
        “Oh this is Clara! She is just like my sister but we aren’t actually related. She has been coming over a lot after you left she helped me get over my best friend leaving possibly forever!” I exclaimed in a sarcastic way.
        “Nice to meet you, Clara.”
        “Same to you, Percy. Bethany has told me so much about you!”
        “Oh really now, good or bad?” he said jokingly.
“All good, don’t worry,” Clara said with a smile.
“So Bethany what have you been up to lately?”
“I’ve grown a little since you’ve seen me last. I also got a new home. What have you been doing in Boston?”
“And what else?”
“What are you hiding, I remember that face.”
“Well…..” He says with hesitation “I’ve been working on getting ahead in school so I can go off to college early.” He says with a nervous face on.
“You waited that long to tell me that?” I say with question.
“Well I’ve been kinda failing at my goal so I probably won’t be able to,” he explains with slight regret in his eyes.
“Well.. that’s horrible. Ya, that’s really bad,” I say with a sarcastic tone. “Are you going to go to school with us now?” I say quickly so I don’t get nervous.
“Yup old times are back!” he says with a nervous face.
“So have you been introduced to the new grouping system. Sadly it has not been proven to teachers because they just think that we are being mean even though it’s the truth!” Bethany asks with interest in her eyes.
“There’s a new grouping system?”
“Yup. Populars sit in the back corners of the lunch room and the rest of us kind of spread out. Also Clara noticed something! Do you wish to explain?”
“What thing?”
“So basically anyone with metal in their mouth is a popular. Stay clear of them on the third floor and in the locker room. I have had my fair share of incidents in those places. So if you will excuse me I will be back in a couple minutes.” Clara says backing up and then running to our hidden spot.
“Excuse me for a sec.” I quickly say to Percy. I run to Clara and see her crying in the corner.
“What happened!” I ask quickly
“Talking about this just makes me think of Jaslyn and what she did to me.” Clara stutters looking down. She looks up “Behind you…”
I turn around just to see Percy leaning up against one of the posts.
“How did you find us!” I exclaim.
“Simple, I followed you,” he said simply looking at Clara with wonder. “Are you okay?” he adds.
“Yah… it’s just th-” I cut Clara off to explain it for her.
“She is being bullied really bad at school by a girl named Jaslyn and she is what the entire system is based on what ever she is, is what they all are.” I explain as I sit next to Clara. She puts her head on my shoulder.
“Wow… what is she doing that could be that bad to do this?” Percy says also sitting down next to Clara.
“She beats me up. Only where I can hide it though, so she can get away with it.” Clara says trying to straighten up and gather her emotions into a small envelope that I could have sworn should have exploded by now. “See…” She adds pulling up the corner of her shirt to reveal a large scar on her right hip.
“Well someone’s going to get the same scar, on their face.” I said with a revenge plotting, angry, annoyed face.
“Wow…” Percey says nervously laughing.
“Don’t worry she won’t actually do it. She is too nice to do  anything like that. No offence to you though, Beth.” Clara explains looking down and fixing her purple tee shirt. Percy doesn’t respond.
“When I get mad its like word vomit, (Definition: Word vomit= bunches of emotion filled words that just spill out at any big burst of emotion.) this time it was anger.” Bethany explains. Clara looked up, and saw Jaslyn standing in the corner, listening to every word that was being said. Clara stands up and scurries to the corner, she locked eyes, and Jaslynn spoke up, sneering. Clara didn’t realize Jaslynn was listening to the whole conversation.
“I told you what would happen if you ever told, didn’t I? You little bit**.” She glared straight through Clara’s soul.
Clara attempted to run for the door,  but was stopped by Jaslynn tackling her from out of nowhere. Clara winced as every force of Jaslynn’s fist’s hit her dead in the face. Clara felt Jaslynn being pulled off her, by Percy and I saw blood dripping down Clara’s face. While Percy was dragging Jaslynn away, I turned around and hit her as hard as I could square in the nose. Jaslynn staggered back holding the blood from her nose, which I do believe I just broke.
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Comments (2)

I like how detailed it is. It feels like I'm sitting there, watching a reality TV show with how detailed it is.
A few things though;
~Some of the "I"'s are like "i". But hey. It's your story you can do whatever you wish to do with it. (:
~I'm sorry if you based one of the buttfaces off of me. I'll admit it, I've been a buttface to you in the past. c:
The buttface was not you and I am sorry about any mistakes with spelling as well as grammar. Lets just say I am not the best student in my Language Arts class...
on June 20, 2014
on June 11, 2014