Promise of dawn

Promise of dawn

Clara and Bethany have been friends for years already. On a day out, Bethany reconnects with an old friend from her past named Percy. When the school bully attacks Clara, Percy and Bethany save Clara's life and continue to do so. What happens to Clara? Does she survive the deadly attacks given to her? Read this book to find out!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Clara

I woke up to the sound of a scream. I realized it was mine. Thank god it was just a dream. My name is Clara and I am 16. I pulled on one of my grey tee shirts and a pair of jeans. I know people don’t really care but I want people to. I grab my blue sweatshirt off of the chair on the way out of my violet purple room and shut off the lights.
“Clara time to get up!” I hear my mom shout up the stairs.
“I’m coming” I shout back as I brush all of the knots out of my dark blonde hair. I run downstairs and to the kitchen table and scarfed down my eggs and toast, then rush out the door to the bus while putting my sweatshirt on and grabbing my backpack. I board and put my hood over my head hoping people don’t notice it’s me.
        I sat in my seat next to my only friend Bethany. The only reason we were friends is because one day I was getting bullied and beat up by Jaslynn and she was the one who stopped her. We had been friends ever since. We started YouTube together but never told anyone. Sometimes I walk down the hall and there are kids talking about our latest episodes and stuff like that. It just makes me wonder if Jaslynn watches. Or if she does watch, if that’s why she bullies me or if she knows its me.
“Hi.” Bethany says as I sit down and cuddle my self in the possibility it may comfort me in my situation. “What’s wrong?” she adds.
“I had a dream, and some guy saved me.” I said
“Any idea who?” she said in that prince charming way.
“No i said it was a random guy!” i say with small hope of getting off topic. She blabs on for the rest of the ride. When we finally arrived I saw Jaslyn. I automaticly ducked my head and rushed past her before she could notice me, but it didn’t work.
“Whoa! What’s up with you’ attitude today, Clara? Hey, bitc*! You scared?” She always says as I practically run by, I just keep running. She and her group just keep watching. Bethany tried to stop me, but I still keep running even though I heard her calling my name.
        At my locker I found the usual notes telling me i’m useless and that I am ugly and that I should kill myself. I tend not to listen anymore and just turn them into the guidance counsellor. It got so bad she even got me a box to put them in until she could read them. I just went to my classes and kept my hood up until the teacher tells me to take it off.

~~~~Time Break~~~~

After school I walked to my riding stable to clean the stalls and get some anger out. I never really knew why it helps but it does. After I finished, I called my trainer over to check my work. I saddled up Justice and walked her to the outdoor arena because it was nice out for May so I decided to take advantage of that. I mounted and trotted around the ring a couple times to get Justice warmed up at the instructor’s instruction. I did as I was told and started with the smaller jumps, which became like small bumps to me. Then I went for the 2 foot jump, it was a little rocky but we made it. I loved jumping so much because I always forgot about the world around me. Is all that mattered was me and Justice. Soon the lesson was over and we went to the paddock to cool Justice down, which only took 5 minutes.
I took the tack back to its place and found my instructor waiting there for me.
“You and Justice made a lot of progress today. Did you have a bad day? I was just wondering because you always ride your hardest when you’ve had one.” she said smiling with concern in her eye.
“Not much different than any other hard day I’ve ever had.” I said with a deep pain in my green eyes.
“Okay, but don’t forget that I am always here if you need to talk. I know that you aren’t very close with your parents because of the thing. I just wanted you to know that.” She explains with true care in her eyes.
“Don’t worry you are the first person I would come to if anything really bad would happen.” I said reassuringly
“Good! Never forget that… Alright?”
“Got it.” I said with a smile as I put the saddle on its rack. It was nice having someone I could talk to. That was an adult that is. Bethany is the best listener. If something is going on, she tries to do something. I walk home thinking about what my instructor said.
When I got to the driveway  could hear my mom and dad shouting at each other. I made a back route a long time ago with some rope I found in the garage. I had made it so I could climb up instead of walking in on one of their fights. Usually in the living room. The rope was pretty thin but it still held my weight. I climbed up the white side trellis I had just below my window. When I got up I opened the Macbook air on my small mahogany desk.  I started up my favorite game, my screen recorder and did my sound check. I started recording and turned background noise reduction because fighting in the background isn’t too appealing.
“Hey guys its Aires9100 here and today i’m going to be playing one of our favorite games…” I just  let everything go and played my heart out. I forgot about my parents so much I didn’t hear them calling me to dinner. My mom ended up coming up and getting me because I was so zoned out.
“ You have to stop with all that recording non-sense.  It won’t help you in your future.” my mom explains.
“Actually, it does… my media teacher says that I could get a job in video design. That is, if I don’t flunk out of school…” I say to prove her wrong, I still can’t believe it worked!
“Ok well get washed up for dinner.” She says as she walks out of my room.
“Will do mom.” I said in a voice that showed slight annoyance.
We sat down at the dining room table. My mom served the potatoes and salad. We helped ourselves to the pork chops. Dinner was good as is always is.
”So honey how was school?” my father asked, Which was weird because he almost never talks to me. I just stared at my plate not making a sound.
“I get it. You're mad, I know I should have talked to you a lot more when you were younger. I’ve just been really bui-” I cut him off.
“That’s what you always say! I’m sick of it! Okay!? Got it!?” I shouted across the table at him. I ran up the stairs dropping my plate off on the granite kitchen counter first. I slammed my door behind me.
“Are you ok in there?” My mom asks.
“Just go away, and leave me alone…” I say into my pillow half crying.
“Ok. Just making sure.” she says in reply as she walks out the door trying not to disturb me. I look on top of my dresser and find my phone. I call Bethany and we talk for a hour or so. I say good night and I go to bed, slippin on my purple pjs on. I snuggle into my soft cotton sheets and just lay there crying myself to sleep.
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Comments (2)

I like how detailed it is. It feels like I'm sitting there, watching a reality TV show with how detailed it is.
A few things though;
~Some of the "I"'s are like "i". But hey. It's your story you can do whatever you wish to do with it. (:
~I'm sorry if you based one of the buttfaces off of me. I'll admit it, I've been a buttface to you in the past. c:
The buttface was not you and I am sorry about any mistakes with spelling as well as grammar. Lets just say I am not the best student in my Language Arts class...
on June 20, 2014
on June 11, 2014