Pact of Loyalty

Pact of Loyalty

Chalin, a newly formed country, signed its complete and utter obedience and loyalty to Rousette, an older and far more powerful country. Unbeknownst to the weak governors of Chalin, the dukes of Rousette have been taking advantage of the small country for generations. Until one day, a new governor, stronger than all the others, declares that they must break away from Rousette, spreading multiple rumors of the elder. Tension already high, one winter night, Rousette's duke is assassinated, not by Chalin's people, but by Rousette's rebels; people who wish to aid Chalin in their quest for freedom. Outraged and temporarily weakened, Rousette officially wages war on Chalin, but the younger is tied to the pact of loyalty and unable to defend itself.

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The Pact

        It was the first day the country was completely conflicted, and it would certainly not be the last. The signing of the Rousette-Chalin Pact of Loyalty was considered by some a foolish act and by others the start of an oath they would carry for the rest of their lives. It offered nothing but tyranny. Chalin gave up everything she had, as dictated by the contract, but Rousette was forced to give nothing. 
        They feared her. Rousette was several times larger and powerful than the smaller country of Chalin. Some even say the governor was forced to sign the pact, a rumor he hadn't even bothered to address, which only further worsened the rumors. Some supported Rousette, seeing her as a motherly figure to their country, even wanting to become Rousette citizens themselves. Some detested Rousette, characterizing her as a dictator which would soon destroy their own beloved Chalin. Some were neutral, caring not whether they should fall under Rousette rule or break free; they were the most powerful of the three groups. They were able to be persuaded to join a side if only someone tried. If Rousette managed to sway them, she would be gaining nearly a fourth of the Chalin population. 
        Chalin rarely elected their governors, letting bloodlines run the rulers; however, when a governor dies without an heir as the present situation is, it must be done. It was a very crude and unpolished system, deterring many from voting, and thus only a small percentage would stand up to the task. Elected governors were often unpopular with the people- the exception being the ones who actually voted-, but such is the consequence. 
        This governor was different; elected, yes, but stronger than previous leaders. Abraham Lynn had been elected by a long shot; a few grey streaks intertwined with his dark beard and moustache, which clearly gave away his age. Abraham was older than most governors, but with age comes wisdom. He wanted freedom. Freedom from the pact tying his country down and from the tyrannic country that engulfed many of Chalin's people in fear, but he wasn't afraid.
        Rousette's leaders were chosen through bloodlines, though not always directly. Her duke was the cousin of the previous ruling and proved to be powerful. Markus Kael had captured the awe and adoration of the Rousettean people. He was young, possibly too young, some thought, for a rank such as the one he held, but the people nevertheless showered him with indirect affection. Markus was a dictator through and through, constantly watching everything Chalin and her people did and not afraid to speak up when she even stepped slightly out of line, but a change was coming. Markus saw that, and he hated it. More specifically, he hated the country itself. Chalin should be part of Rousette, not its own country, and he would see to it that that is exactly what becomes of the 'country'; that was a majority of the reason he was chosen to be the duke. He'll destroy Chalin. 
        Markus strode through the hallway, his loud footsteps echoing off the barren walls devoid of any color. He roughly threw the doors to his office open and sharply demanded, "What is the meaning of this? What do you need?"
A Rousettean man and woman stood in front of Markus' desk, hands folded neatly behind their backs, masks concealing their identity. The woman spoke, "We've come to give a message, sir."
"Well? Speak your mind, then. I've no time for dillydallying."
"Of course. We understand how busy you must be, but, please, take the time to hear us out. Our message is one of peace," the woman calmly stated, her right arm falling to her side. "Peace with Chalin."
Markus scoffed, straightening his back in a defensive stance of authority. "There will be no such thing, fools. Those Chalian scum will regret the day they ever thought of gaining freedom." 
The woman slowly raised her left arm, a small click resonating as she cocked the firearm. "But who is the fool here?" 
        The other repeated the woman's actions, and they simultaneously fired. The two assassins escaped, bothering not to hide Markus' body, for that was their message. The Chalian people, upon hearing the news, rejoiced, but it was short lived. Mere days later, Rousette had chosen another duke, Markus' brother, and he had no intention of letting this go. Antony Kael would destroy Chalin, and he would start by killing his brother's assassins. 
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