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Victoria, the younger sister of Lacie, is offered as a sacrifice at birth to a vampire that her village lives in constant fear of. However, instead of killing the child, the vampire takes pity upon her and her people and instea...
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Pact of Loyalty
Chalin, a newly formed country, signed its complete and utter obedience and loyalty to Rousette, an older and far more powerful country. Unbeknownst to the weak governors of Chalin, the dukes of Rousette have been taking advant...
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Lonely Angels
so this is just a thing i literally just came up with its not really a story per se, but just a short-story-with-no-plot-type-thing and please don't be offended it has some religious elements in it; you have been warned
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Infinite Possibilities
Carey, joined by her cat companion Maria, knows of the horrors inside her own house. Of course, it wasn't until she felt a strange sensation that she became aware of how serious it was. This had already happened. Everything tha...
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Soft [Sebastian Michealis X A Cat]
Pretty self-explanatory. I made this because I could. I really, really hate descriptions.
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With Love
Nala Steele, a noble lady of Manor Steele and daughter of Jonathan Steele, has been missing for barely a month before her family decide to take drastic measures on finding her. Alexander Mason, an amateur detective with an int...
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Day's End
:My updates are hella slow, so bear with me.: In a world where a virus has taken over and corrupted most of the population, Rose and Natalie have found each other amongst it all and struggle to remain the way they were before....
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