Stay Strong. -Letter-

Stay Strong. -Letter-

I just wanted to write something. I don't expect anyone to see this but...

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I just wanted to write something.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, I'm glad your still here. And I hope you stay here. Please, stay safe. Life may be...horrid as of right now, but I'm sure it'll lighten up. It always does; there's always a reason behind the pain. It's worth it. You are worth something. More then something; I'm sure your worth more then the world to someone. You are loved and I promise that. I'm sure your very good looking and you have so many good things about yourself. you probably dont deserve what you go through; wait, let me rephrase that, you don't deserve what you go through, you deserve better. me, everything does have a reason behind it.

Eat because you deserve food; Don't starve yourself. Say nice things to yourself because you are beautiful; don't insult yourself. don't hurt yourself because your body deserves to be clean; don't cut. Reward yourself for your wins; feel happy. Confront your feelings because it helps; just stay safe. Don't over-analyze; it'll turn out alright. Don't over-think it; it's not your fault. Don't beat yourself up; anyone could have done that.

You are worth it. You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are loved. You are good enough. You don't believe me, do you? I bet you don't; but know I'm telling you what I truly believe. It may be cheesy but maybe it's right.

Nobody knows anymore if something is correct or incorrect. But, I believe that if someone goes through has big plans for them; plans that they have to be strong for; plans that they must be ready for. And, if you are one going through pain...please, wait for those plans. You don't know what awaits for you in the future; nobody does. But I'm sure you have a very bright future ahead of you.

If you have a crush, maybe you'll get with them? If you have a lover, maybe you'll get married to them? Maybe you'll find love? I don't know, nobody does. But anything and everything that happens is for a reason, I promise.

Haha, I'm so cheesy! Am I right?

But please, stay strong. Stay alive. Stay safe. Throw away your harmers and bring in your supporters. If you don't have a supporter (which i'm sure you do), I'm here.

I hope to see you grow, stay strong, stay safe, and live life.

Please, it'll all pay off one day. I promise.

Cheesy, am I right?

Sorry. I just wanted to write a little something-something for you guys, y'know?

I would put more but I cant exactly...y'know...think.

Please, just stay here. Stay here on planet earth with us.

You are loved and that is what I promise.
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Wow it's beautiful
on September 01, 2016