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These are poems that I write when I'm upset and it helps me get my feelings out and I put them out so people have something to relate too.

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Chapter 2.

Thoughts on the world (not a poem just thoughts)

  Is life really worth going through this pain, heartbreak, sadness, depression, and anxiety? I don't think so. I think everyone should just go through happiness but it doesn't work that way but, maybe all this pain that we go through is for the good in the end. Maybe one day there will be true peace and happiness. Depression sucks the freaking life out of you. You can't get away from it. It will just chase you.
Why bother putting on that fake smile? It's not worth to fake being happy. If you're sad your sad. We can't change it. Maybe if the world was more a peaceful place we would be happier. Yeah, we will always get sad from time to time but, it won't be every day. Maybe self-harm will stop. Maybe suicide will stop because we will all feel loved, cared for, and cherished. There will always be assholes though because people are like that. I don't know how someone can tell someone else to go kill themselves. How can you do that without feeling guilty when they did so. You technically did murder. Who has the guts to do that Their life is just as important as mine and yours?
Some people don't have it all but that's okay because when we die we're not bringing our shit with us. We're only bringing ourselves to wherever we go when we die. Not our phone, pillows, candles, toys, books, plant whatever it is that you cherish that is man-made. It will not come with you when you die. Our stuff is not what makes a person good.
The personality and their actions make a person good and worth it. I don't care if you went to prison or jail for doing something you shouldn't have because you're still worth it. All the beings on the are on the earth are worth living no matter what.  The lies need to stop too. Why lie it just makes it worse. Yeah, sometimes the truth hurts but it's the truth. The truth is better than the lies we hear every day. The truth makes you a better person. So just stop lying. The truth will be the better choice in the end. It might ruin a relationship but you told the truth and that's all that matters in the world is to be truthful to everyone. Including your haters and enemies. Okay, I don't know what else to say now because I said all I need to say so I hope you have a wonderful day because your worthy, beautiful loved and cared for. Keep your head up and just keep shining. Everything will get better in the end I believe it will. Pain is just temporary. Happiness will come soon so will peace. Your loved ones just remember that. So put down the ropes, razors whatever you use to do self-harm to your body just put it down. Talk it out. Talking it out really helps.
I am here if you need someone to talk about your problems. Sometimes people show up in your life as a test which means there temporary.  Don't stress over temporary people. Sometimes they help you sometimes they don't but don't stress over them it's not worth your precious time. So we just got to remember that being kind and loving one another is important and to believe in one another is needed, everyone deserves everyone's love
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