The Silent Children

The Silent Children

The Silent children is about 2 friends Mika and Hoku.And they go through a lot and something happens that will always stay in their minds...even if they are dead...

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Chapter 1.

Getting to know Mika

Mika was a normal girl she had her mother’s black hair and her father’s green eyes.
Mika’s mom was a singer, and her dad was a lawyer.
And since her parents would usually be busy at work Mika would stay in her room and read, draw, and listen to music.
And when Mika’s mom, dad, or both parents were either home, or had a day off they would usually go to the park, or teach her things that are useful to do when she's older.
Mika never really had any friends, because she would never interact with anyone, and she would be in her room, and never went to school.
But one day her parents decided to enroll her in a school because they didn’t have the time to teach her at home anymore because they became very busy.
When it was Mika’s first day she was paired up with a boy named Hoku.
He was very nice and was patient with Mika because he knew that being new could be very stressful.
During the whole day, Hoku would help Mika with things, such as finding her classes.
At the end of the day, Hoku would help Mika find the car rider line, and they would just chat until one of their parents/guardians would get one of them.
Mika’s mom showed up and Mika said goodbye to Hoku and said “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”
Hoku said “goodbye Mika!” and then Mika went home.
When Mika got home she told her mother everything about her day.
Mika's mom was happy when she heard she made a friend.
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