Bitter - Shoto x fem! reader

Bitter - Shoto x fem! reader

This is my first story, so if this is crappy, let me know. Oh! And if you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks! Hope you enjoy this!

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Chapter 1.
The New Girl

The New Girl

"Everyone, this is (L/N) (Y/N)," Aizawa tells us, "She's transferring to your class after a miscommunication happened between us and her parents. (L/N), would you like to introduce your quirk and anything else about yourself?"
"Sure!" The (H/C)-haired girl responds, "My quirk is Consumer. Basically, I can steal energy from others and use it as kinetic energy. Like, I can make explosions or hold people down. I can also gain it if attacked, such as from bullets or physical attacks."
Midoryia squeals at the mention of a new quirk to study, while I'm more fixed on her face. Smooth, like porcelain, but rough, like a wooden doll. Her eyes are bright, wide, and (E/C) eyes. Her lips are pursed, almost like she's got something to hide. My curious side comes out and at that moment, I decide that I have to know more about her.
Little did I know, that this was the start of something bigger.
She takes a seat where Mineta used to sit, before Aizawa moved the desks. So now, he sits behind Uraraka at the very back of the class. Judging by her aura, she's a kind-hearted person.
In third period, it's time for class with All Might-sensei.
"Alright, you newbie heroes," He beckons, "Get your hero suits on and we'll get started with some hero training!"
We follow his orders and meet him at a small town simulation. When (L/N) enters, everyone notices her costume. It is entirely a leotard, but the hands, feet, and hands are dark red. The rest of the leotard is black. Now that I look closer, waves of red can be found on the black fabric as well.
Honestly, it almost looks like a villain's costume.
"Alright now, (L/N)-chan, since you're the newest student, how about we put you on the spot?" All Might-sensei says, "We're doing a villain versus heroes exercise again, class. But this time, (L/N)-chan here will be a 'back-up' villain. She'll be chasing the heroes and attempting to stop them before they even reach the fake missile. To capture you, she has to wrap this string somewhere on your body, and they can't be taken off. Okay? Okay."
Our class agrees to his terms and we all choose from his bucket of white and black balls with numbers. I end up on the hero team with Midoryia. The first group of heroes to go are Kaminari and Mineta, they are up against Sero and Shoji.
The rest of our class is down in the monitoring room. After All Might-sensei commences the exercise, (L/N) bolts into action. We watch as she sprints off the walls towards our two heroes, somehow knowing where they are. Mineta, of course, screams in terror as the woman approaches them.
She chuckles, swinging the white string she needs to win with an excited expression. She says something that we can't understand and charges. Kaminari clearly tries to face his fear and fight against her, but he eventually gives up and runs off with Mineta.
(L/N) runs after them. Slowly, her body begins emitting dark red electricity (just like Midoryia) and we can tell that she's using energy she's stored from her quirk. She sprints faster thanks to it and is able to catch up with Mineta. He tries to throw one of his grape-balls towards her to stick her to a wall, but she sees it coming and dodges.
She gets behind the boy and uses the tape to keep him out of the rest of the exercise. She then heads after Kaminari. He's panting by the stairs to the next floor, trying his best to keep calm. I can't tell what he's feeling, but clearly, he is terrified of the new girl.
Eventually, he gets up and tries to get up the stairs. (L/N) is nearby, so she hears the creak of the steps as he runs up them. She smiles, running towards the noise, just catching him in time. Instead of running, he pauses on the steps and faces her. His body begins to glow yellow with electricity, but (L/N) just stands there.
He punches her in the stomach but she doesn't even flinch. Her body suddenly explodes into dark red electricity again and she sends her new classmate flying with a Kinetic Energy Pulse. (L/N) approaches and ties the string on Kaminari, ending the first round of the exercise.
After a few more rounds, there are only two groups left to go. The heroes, Bakugo and Kirishima are paired with Uraraka and Yayorozu. None of my classmates, excluding Bakugo, seem happy to go up against her.
After the start of the round is announced, (L/N) is nowhere to be found. The two heroes head into the building and get to the level where the villains are hiding. The second that they step through the door, (L/N) drops in from the roof and blasts them away with another Kinetic Energy Pulse. Bakugo clenches his jaw angrily and gets back up on his feet. He fires a blast from his palm, but the girl catches his hand and directs it back at himself.
He grunts audibly, falling to the ground. Kirishima charges her while his body is fully hardened, attempting to get some type of contact on her skin. She slides to the left, grabbing his right arm and draining some of his energy, while flipping him over onto his back.
He grunts but gets back up again. Both of the boys attempt to charge her again and she smirks. A loud blast shakes the observation room, we blink but when we look back, the entire room is filled with smoke. We can see (L/N) because her body is still outlined in red energy, but Bakugo and Kirishima aren't visible.
"God, sorry," The girl mutters, picking up the two boys. "I was too cocky. You two better be okay."
Recovery Girl arrives soon, and seeing that Bakugo and Kirishima are better than what we worried, the class moves on and we continue to the final round.
It's Midoryia and I as heroes against the villains, Sero and Ashido. But mostly, us heroes are against (L/N).
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