Creepypasta boyfriend Scenarios (2) *With Girlfriends too*

Creepypasta boyfriend Scenarios (2) *With Girlfriends too*

I was inspired by all of the creepypasta boyfriend scenarios before. this contains, Abuse, Violence, Murder, Censored Swearing, Kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome and Suicide. This is very gory, there will be some fandom ones, and some realistic ones. This is my second book so expect some crappy writing, and I have extreme writers block some times so expect a few updates, there will be updates though. Apologies, I will be referring to (Y/N) in female pronouns. (And Y/N will be short because I'm short and I don't know what its like to be tall :'( )

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How you meet

How you meet

~Jeff the Killer~
Ed was being a jerk again, he kept following you around as you walked through the woods. "Ed leave me alone," You said irritated. He kept following you so you started walking faster and faster until you hit a tree, it was starting to get dark so you quickly brushed off any dirt and kept going. It was darker now and Ed was still following you. You wondered why he had taken such a liking to you, was it because of your hot-headedness, or your mix of a sassy and sarcastic attitude? You didn't know, you just kept walking to get away. You were too deep in your thoughts to pay attention to where you were going, you tripped on a tree root and was falling. Or maybe it was your clumsiness. As you hit the ground, you heard a scream behind you. Your eyes widened as you moved your head to face where Ed was. He was lying on the forest floor, dead. Standing above him, was a man with long black hair and a smile that chilled you to the bone, he was wearing a white hoodie that had dried blood on it and holding a knife that was coated in Ed's blood. You got up and started running, no time for screaming. You heard footsteps behind you after about 5 minutes of running, good thing you were on the track team. You kept running until you were sure you threw him off. As you ran home you were sure that you heard a little chuckle. You brushed it off as your imagination, you were too tired to care about anything right now. You just wanted to Go To Sleep.
(???'s POV)
She's interesting, she didn't even scream. She's perfect for what I'm planning!

~Bloody Painter~
Kat was your buddy since 3rd grade, you too got along great. But one day when you were both 20, Kat disappeared when she went into the woods as a dare at a party. You were worried for a little while until you got that feeling, you knew the police were looking for her, but you knew it was for nothing. You thought, no, you knew that she was dead. Kat loved painting and drawing, so you decided to paint or draw every day in her honor. Now you are 24, you've gotten great at drawing but you still are a little rusty at painting, You are painting a beautiful masterpiece that you've been adding layers and layers and you've been working on for days. It's a beautiful day in autumn so you have your front door open. You heard footsteps behind you and you decided not to turn and look. You were painting Kat's favorite thing, the autumn leaves. "Excuse me, Miss" You shot around and glared at the person who interrupted your painting. You stopped glaring instantly and you felt your cheeks heat up slightly. He was beautiful, with his midnight black hair and his dark cyan blue eyes. "I just wanted to stop by and say how beautiful that painting is," He said, You thanked him as he ducked away from vision as he walked away. You realized you didn't even know his name. 'If he stops by again, I'll ask for his name' you thought.
(???'s POV)
She's very pretty. Perfect for a painting. So that's her address, I'll stop by again later.

~Eyeless Jack~
It was as dark as midnight... Actually, it was midnight, and you were stupid enough to be walking around in your neighborhood because you couldn't sleep. But there was this guy that was following you for a little while. It was too dark to see his face, but you were sure he was a normal drunk. He was wearing a navy green hoodie. As you started to walk faster, you ended up crashing into a man who basically towered over you. You could guess from his height compared to your 5'3 height that he was about 6'5. 'That's really, really tall...' You thought with worry and jealousy. The guy behind you had finally caught up and he spoke to the man in the black hoodie in front of you, "Apologies sir, my girlfriend-" You scoffed at his little nickname. "...Is a bit drunk, she isn't herself" The guy in the black hoodie didn't buy it. He responded in a deep raspy voice "She would smell of alcohol and she would be stumbling" He replied quickly before he lifted his hood and took a bite out of the guy's arm that was around you. You slipped out quickly and started running as you heard the screams of the man who was following you being ripped. Tears started to rise from your eyes... You didn't dare look back, you weren't a very forgiving person, and you didn't even want to imagine the horrors that were going on behind you. You kept running until you were sure he didn't follow you and went home. Little did you know that you misjudged his ability to track people.
(???'s POV)
She knows when danger is present and removes herself from the situation immediately, but, she still doesn't know how to stand up for herself... I'll work on that with her later.

~Laughing Jack~
Your friends were walking through a carnival trying not to giggle at almost everything you see. The isles of food carts were filled with people, the air was full of children screaming with glee! Your friends pointed out a circus tent that they thought would be amazing to check out! But you were a little suspicious, it was less cheery compared to the rest of the other colorful tents... But you tried to stay positive! As you continued to approach the tent, the uneasiness in your stomach became bigger and bigger. Your friends ended up having to drag you into the tent. When you entered, it was dark. Your friends pulled out their phones. "Let's just get out of here..." You led off with a tinge of fear in your voice. You hoped it wasn't noticeable. "You're being such a wimp (Y/N)" Jessica Spoke. Suddenly, the entrance flaps, closed with a Snap, making you all jump and surrounding you in complete darkness. You froze out of fear. You started shaking, you were terrified of the dark. You wanted all of this to end. You regret coming into the dark circus tent. You shouldn't have fallen into peer pressure and you should have listened to your gut. The lights suddenly switched on. "eep" You jumped lightly. At least the lights were on. The circus music started up and your gut feeling got worse. The spotlight turned on and it showed a raised platform that was high up in the air. On it was a clown with shoulder-length raven black hair, a pointy nose, and pale white skin. His arms were long and they were masked with monochrome striped sleeves. His shin-length shorts were being held up with pitch-black suspenders. His torso was wrapped with bandages. You felt a tinge of sadness and pity for the clown. You wondered what happened. From what you could see, he was about 7 feet tall. That towered far above your 5'5 form. That's when you noticed his fingers. They were claws about 2 feet long. You froze with fear and hoped he wouldn't notice. That's when he looked at you. You heard screams behind you and you flinched. You looked quickly behind you, your friends were sprinting toward the exit, leaving you behind. Apparently, the clown wasn't too happy about this, because, in an instant, blood sprayed your clothes and face. You heard a spine-shivering cackle behind you. You felt a presence behind you and you turned around quickly. The tall clown was in front of you. You slowly looked up in fear. Once you caught a glimpse of his face, you almost gasped. He was terrifying, his eyes held the spark of insanity. "Hello, their little one" He spoke in a deep raspy voice. Your eyes widened with how creepy his voice was. You felt something on your temple, you froze and whimpered as you realized it was his claw, trailing down your temple, to your cheek, then your jaw bone, and then finally, it rested on your neck. You looked up more out of instinct as he giggled with your petrified state and how you were shaking from your head to your toes. "This will be fun..." He trailed off. "Sadly your friends didn't want to stay, but you did! You won't leave me... Ever." He finished as everything went dark.
(Clowns POV)
She won't ever leave me, I won't allow it. She won't leave me like he did.

It was a nice evening, the sun was setting and you were sitting on a bench in the park. You had a strawberry crepe and were nibbling on it while scrolling through your phone looking at Pinterest art. You weren't very observant and so you didn't notice the lady with long brown hair and green eye wearing an eye patch over an eye approach you. She was standing to the side of you and you were just finishing your crepe when you looked up slightly. You saw the lady (or from your view the shadow) from the corner of your eye, you jumped and accidentally threw your phone. You giggled in awkwardness "Heh, Sorry..." and you got up quickly to go and grab your phone which was on the other side of the path. Instead of sitting down on the bench, the lady just stood there watching you. The lady slowly approached you, you thought she was some annoying mom who was going to yell at you for your clumsiness (Earlier that day you accidentally tripped in front of some kids) You apologized again, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I really must be going" You gave off a weak smile, your gut was telling you to run. Something wasn't right, you listened to your gut but you excused yourself from the situation again and turned around and started walking in the direction of your house. You heard shuffling behind you and glanced behind your shoulder. She wasn't standing there anymore. 'Creepy' you thought 'glad she's gone though'. Little did you know that she was following you in the woods beside you. And you led her right to your house...

It was generally late at night and you were walking in the woods because you forgot to leash up your dog when you let him out for his potty break. You didn't necessarily enjoy the woods and you had a slight case of paranoia so you were very nervous as you tapped your finger against your leg. You were holding your flashlight with your other hand and you occasionally stopped and shouted your dog's name "PEPPER....... PEPPER..... where are you boy?" Every time you shouted his name, you felt even more uneasy. You sighed and tried to calm your nerves. You heard a snap of a branch behind you and you turned your head slightly, the bush was rustling. "Pepper-" you had a feeling it wasn't your dog and so you kept your guard up and you were ready to run. A squirrel appeared out of the bush and you jolted slightly, your nerves unwinding. You sighed and chuckled a bit as you stepped forward without looking in front of you. You bumped into something solid as you commented "What the-" you looked up slightly and you saw a ski mask with a red frown and two red eyes to match. Your hand holding your flashlight was grabbed as your flashlight shined in his face, your hand was brought up to as high as you could bring it and it was stretched out a bit. The man in front of you was about 6'6. You felt something cold pressed against your temple. You realized he had a gun. Adrenaline was kicking in so you started ranting, "WOAH WOAH WOAH, TIME OUT, Dude I'm just looking for my dog chill, I just wanna find him then ill be out of your hair, doyouevenhavehairican'ttellyourwearingaskimask-" The man was getting very tired of your rambling and just hit you over the head with the butt of his gun. You dropped as he let go. As he proceeded to walk away, your vision slowly went black.

~Homicidal Liu~
Coffee Shop
~Nurse Ann~
Abandoned hospital
~Masky (special feature from Alex Kraile)~
Abandoned Warehouse
Your house next to Noah's
~Ticci Toby~
Somewhere in the woods-
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