A Story of Forever

A Story of Forever

The world was murdered. The world will live again, will rise out from under its fetters. So will the people. In the meanwhile, the Yemars have magic. The Yemars have magic, and they have each other, and they have hope.

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Chapter 1.


Yes, yes this is largely influenced by Norse Mythology. No, no this is not Norse Mythology. It really is not. It's only based on Norse Mythology. It's only based on Norse Mythology in the same way The Bifrost Incident or Marvel is based on Norse Mythology. In other words, it's a complete bastardization.

It's kind of just a religion I created myself. Kind of. I had some help. This is based just as much on fanfictions of Norse Mythology as it is on Norse Mythology. Some things I straight up pulled out of my heart.

This is not an accurate representation at all of Heathen religions and should not be taken as such. This is not meant to be a depiction of Heathen and Norse-Pagan based religions any more than Supernatural is meant to be a depiction of Christianity.

Norse Paganism and Heathenry are good and valid belief systems and you should do actual research (not this fictionalized story) before judging them. No disrespect to Heathens and Norse Pagans, they're often great people and their religion is beautiful. If you want to learn about their religions, or about Norse Mythology itself, please do real actual research. This story does not even come close to counting as real actual research.

I have numerous fanfiction authors to thank for many of the stories in this book. I can't keep track of all the fanfic authors I have to thank for providing me stories but thank you to them all nonetheless
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