Lost Dungeons

Lost Dungeons

(This story is only a preveiw. On FanFiction.net up to 13 chapters are posted and there will be more too come. If you want to whole story go to FanFiction.net under Thunderwolf2456) Years ago, the world was filled with peace and hope. But one dark day three pokemon rose and took it all away, destroying the tranquil world. Now filled with chaos and destruction only one human can rise above them all and take down Lord Rayquaza. But how can he do that, if his memory has been stolen from him? (A pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fic)

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Chapter 2.

Chapter One

“Hey! Wake up! Come on already!” “Is he alright?”
Voices. That was the first thing I heard. I couldn't understand much of anything. My ears felt like they were blocked with soundproof cotton balls. The next thing I felt was warmth. Which did not feel right, considering that I was in that place that felt like space.

It was sunlight I could tell. But that wasn't the only thing, it also felt as if somebody threw a heavy blanket on me in the middle of a heatwave. I also could smell things….but differently. More intense scents. Each one had a different scent. Like a different code. I smelt sweet honey, fresh dew grass, flowers, but something that stood out along the rest I couldn't place a finger on it though. But- wait. How can I smell all this? I gotta open my eyes and see whats up....
But I just wanna sleeeeepp!
Annnndd I'm having an inner battle with myself, just perfect.
My eyes open slowly. I blink a few times to clear my vision or the ache in my skull. Either would be nice. I squint at the forest-like landscape I’m laying in. Why am I in a forest? Then it hits me, my eyes snap fully open and I spring up to my feet, only for the top of my head to collide with somebodys jaw. I yelped- wait yelp? At the sudden pain.

“Jeez, you sure have a good headbutting ability you know that?” Somebody grunts. I let out a whimper as I hold the aching part of my head.
“Yea well for the somebody that im headbutting you sure got a bony jaw.” I growl.
“Yea, your lucky you didn't break anything.”
“On me or you?” I grumbled. Finally raising my head enough to see them. When I did I almost fell over my own legs at the sight. “Y-Your pokemon!!” I howl stumbling back. Standing before me was a Charmander and Bulbasaur. If im not correct the bulbasaur looked like a shiny. Wait how’d I know that? And why does this seem so familiar?
“You do know your a pokemon too right?” The Bulbasaur snickered.
“What?! No im not im a-” I stopped mid sentence as I caught sight of my hand- or paw I should say....I'm....I am a pokemon...
“You are a what?” The Charmander asked, raising an eyebrow.
I slumped, lowering my gaze to the ground. “N-Never mind I guess. Just hit my head a little to hard. Heh, blame it on the dreams?” They both glanced at each other then back at me.

“What's your name anyway?” The Bulbasaur asked.
My ears perked slightly. What was my name? Better question, why do I not know my name? Ugh, the dark abyss all over again. “I….don't know.” I swallowed thickly. ‘I can't remember anything! Why can't I remember anything?!’
I saw them glance at each other again. I felt my shoulders slump. Speaking of which…
Spotting a small puddle I got up and well, fell backwards. I heard the two snicker. My face heated in embarrassment. Then getting up on my four paws instead of my normal two feet. ‘You gotta be kidding me.’ I thought. I padded over to the puddle. Looking in it I saw a poochyena looking back at me. I immediately face pawed.
“This better be a dream.” I growled. I felt a sharp pinch on my leg. I yelped and pulled back.
“Nope, this is real.” Charmander stated. I rolled my eyes.
“What's your name anyways?” I asked. They seemed surprised by this question. I sighed. “Like I said before I can't remember anything.” I sighed, getting impatient.
“Right sorry, my names Blazer, thats Whip. Were from the town north of here. Its called Celestial Village. We were just heading east from it to make a rescue team!” Charmand- No, Blazer spoke proudly.
I blinked. What was what exactly? “Umm.” I stated. Whip chuckled.
“I think your going a little overboard with the information there Blazer.” She chuckled.
I smiled skeptically. Shrinking down slightly. “What's a rescue team?” I chuckle.
Both of they're eyes get huge. I shrink back more.
“A rescue team is a group of pokemon who save the ones who can't help themselves. You see, many of these crevices have been opening up...pokemon have been falling in and well….rescue teams are needed. But not many are signing up nowadays…”
‘Have I heard this someplace before?’

Blazer rolled his eyes and started towards a bush. “Well, we gotta get going are you coming?” He asked. I was taken back by this. Okay, I knew one thing, I thought you weren't supposed to trust random strangers. But these guys weren't strangers right?
“Hold on Blazer what are you saying?” Whip asked.
“Well we can't just leave him here.” He smirked. “So, you want to come with us to camp? We can find someplace for you to go after that.”
“But...well okay.” Whip whimpered.
‘Not like I have anyplace else to go...’ I thought. I sighed and shrugged. “Guess not many choices here. So I guess I’ll tag along for a bit.”
“Alright then! Lets get going team!” Blazer cheers.
I tilt my head at the word team. What did that reflect on me for? Or was he just talking about Whip?
I sigh inwardly and shake my fur. Feeling Whip dart past me.
“Come on we're going to lose him Paw!”
“Paw?” I ask. A small smile on my face.
“Uhh….well...I gotta call you somethin’ don’t I?”
“True.” I laugh before darting into the bushes after them.
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