Lost Dungeons

Lost Dungeons

(This story is only a preveiw. On FanFiction.net up to 13 chapters are posted and there will be more too come. If you want to whole story go to FanFiction.net under Thunderwolf2456) Years ago, the world was filled with peace and hope. But one dark day three pokemon rose and took it all away, destroying the tranquil world. Now filled with chaos and destruction only one human can rise above them all and take down Lord Rayquaza. But how can he do that, if his memory has been stolen from him? (A pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fic)

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Chapter 1.


I hesitantly opened my sea blue eyes. I saw bright blues, grays, and white light-up dots dancing in the air. They all seemed to circle a large bright beam. The ground was a dark grey color as well as the walls and ceiling. In the middle of the room stood what looked like some type of capsule with a blue beam shooting inside it. Strange blue symbols on the floor were scattered about but I couldn't read them.
I blinked wearily and brushed some brown hair from my face. Everything seemed so light here, as if I was dancing between space and time. I got to my now bare feet, I noticed I wore a grey shirt with dark jeans but no shoes. And what seemed stranger with my feet was that the floor did not feel cold, or warm, or anything. It was just...there. As if I was floating in nothing.

‘Michael.’ An echoey voice rang in my skull. ‘Michael come here.’ I glanced around. No one was here. So what was that? ‘Michael.’ There it was again!
Spinning around I found myself standing in front of the beam. I watched as it shimmered down from what seemed like an endless abyss from the ceiling of the capsule. Small colorful sparkles fluttered down as it started to evaporate into nothing but air. Once it was gone I realized that everything had gone black. No lights stood out. "Hello?" I asked softly. But not answer came back, only echoes of my own voice. I bit my lip, and took a hesitant step back. "Hello?" I asked a bit louder. "Can somebody tell me where I am-" I stopped. "Who......who am...I?" I asked the darkness. "Who am I?! Where am I at?!" I screamed, but one again nothing came back. "SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!!"

Thats when the small circle that the light once shined in opened up. As if it were some kind of trapdoor to a ship. Below me were green trees and blue lakes and open areas, light shined from the small circle. I bolted towards it. Wanting to get away from the cascading darkness.

“Whoa.” I whispered as I glanced down into the tube. "Thats.....amazing." I placed my hand on the wall of the tube, only to feel my hand slide through it. With a yelp of surprise I pulled back cradling my arm close. "What the...." Then, slowly getting to my feet I walked up to the tube once more and touched the glass only to feel nothing.
"Holograms are interesting aren't they?" I stiffed and spun around. "They look real but yet....they are not." Nobody was here. "It's time for you to realize that Michael." Michael? "Goodbye."
I gasped as something slammed into my chest and I plummeted to the ground. What scared me most was that when I glanced back upwards only the sky remained. I didn't have much more time to think before I slammed into something and the darkness took over my vision.
One thing remained in my mind though,
'I have heard that voice before......'
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