Leo's Return story short Leo's Return

Leo's Return story short Leo's Return

I figured I'd have to do a short for Leo sometime. Also, I enjoy describing him like this... TEAM LEO!! <3

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Leo's turn.  When we found him he was curled up on the pit floor facing the other way.  Surprise there.

"What happened to you?"  I asked on tradition.  I was the first to be down here, and that was before it had happened seven times.

"Everybody else is going to be the same soon so just get up and make it quick."  I was bored.  Leo stood up and rose to about 6ft.  He hung his head, trying to cover his face with his hair.

"Don't look at me."  He mumbled, right as I swooped under and saw his face.

"You look the same."  I commented.

"Good." he said.  He was wearing baggy clothes like Annabeth likes to do all the time now.  I wondered what he was hiding.  I grabbed his arm and he walked me away, but not before I got a good feel.

"Dude!  You're totally ripped!"  He stopped walking and glared daggers at me.

"Gee, sorry.". I said quickly.  He was still fire guy.  He turned and started running faster than I could keep up with.

When I finally made it to the top, he was gone.

When I finally made it to the top, he was gone.

"Anyone see Leo?"  I asked they all shook their heads, so I explained what happened to him.  Jason, who was sitting on the floor, mumbled,


Percy gulped.

"My turn next." And he walked away to vanish inTo the pit in peace.

Hazel made her way over to me and hugged me.  She had it pretty bad.  I kissed her on the forehead and whispered her name.

"Yeah?"  She whispered back.

"I love you."  I smiled and so did she.

"I love you too."  She pressed her lips against mine, then pulled away too quickly.

"Awww."  Piper squealed from behind us.

"Stop acting like your mom."  I chided jokingly.  She laughed and batted her eyes in fake innocence.  I ignored the fact that I was currently starving to death and laughed with her.

"I'm gonna go chase a doughnut or something."  I said and Hazel and Piper looked at me funny.

"There's a reason I'm starving to death over here.  I can't eat.  Like I really cannot physically pick up food or bring it close to my mouth."  I sighed as they continued giving me weird looks.  My stomach decided to growl to make a point.

"As I said, I'm gonna go chase a doughnut."  I walked away, Hazel on my tail.
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