M.O.S.A.T. 2: The ginormous supermall

Amy and Gina are heading to a ginormous supermall. They have a fun time being there and there are something for everyone in the mall. But besides their visit something mysterious going on in the mall. Something Amy and Gina also are gonna find out later on. Read and find out what is going on in the mall.

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Chapter 1.

The ginormous supermall

Amy and Gina have just been friends. Amy have just been through her greatest adventure ever and her story have just began. They are part of an organisation named M.O.S.A.T. or Masters Of Space And Time. But this story is in a time before they became an organisation. From now they are just two girls travelling through space and time.
- So, where do we go now? You can choose our next destination! Gina said. - Well, let's introduce eachother first. I'm Amy and I'm 22 years old and I'm an archaeologist as I mentioned before! I live with my cute little cat named Cathy. I have one little brother and one big sister. On my spare time I go shopping with my best friends! I love shopping! The best thing I know! So who are you exactly? Amy wondered.
-I love shopping too! :-D Well, I'm Gina and I'm 2040 years old! I lost my friends when I was 25 years old, since then I have been alone for a very long time. So, you like shopping? Then we have a common interest! I know a place where you can shop all days long! Gina said!
-That's awesome! Let's go there now! Or do you need any special money? Amy wondered. -Well, don't tell anyone about this but: (whispering) The migiwida can make as much money as it can, but we have to take a limited amount of money or else we can get busted about it. Gina whispered.
-Cool, let's go! Amy said and then with the power of the migiwida they turned the migiwida into a spaceship that can bend spacetime so much so it travels faster than light without being faster than light. It's just the rooms around that moves in a specific way. This type of traveling is called the warp drive.
Gina and Amy lifted up over the ground and travelled 60 millions lightyears in 3 minutes then they arrived. -Welcome to the ginormous supermall! The biggest mall in the multiverse. It's one of thousands of spacemalls out there but this is the biggest! It's very very huge and it can take years to visit all rooms. Rumor has it that there are an alien girl that can live for milleniums of years.
It says that she have been in the mall for 2547 years with only short breaks, allways in different rooms, doesn't return to any shop she have allready been in. 2547 years and she have not finnished visiting all the shops yet. She still have shops to visit that she haven't been in yet. Gina said.
-Wow! A very huge mall! So how do you navigate through a mall like this size? Amy wondered. -There are actually several sections and each section has it's own map. We have one section for each planet in the multiverse. If we go 42 floors up and walk 4 sections across we will get to a section representing our earth and the shops are very familiar to the shops at our home Tellus. Gina explained.
-Well, let's take another section! I have allready seen earth! Let's try something new! Amy said. - Then I have to show you my favourite section! Gina said and took Amy to her favourite section. They went up to floor 15 and walked past 6 sections before they finally arrived to Ginas favourite section where tons of new shops where around.
Meanwhile a bit closer to the center of the mall one agent where sneaking around. He have seen a building and learnt that the malls boss lives there. Rumor has it many have heard screams from that building and the agent are about to see what's inside. He breaks in through one window and discovers the horrible truth hidden inside.
But he wasn't alone in there. Behind him the boss where standing. She was standing there a while before she picked up her gun and shoot the agent down.
Gina and Amy had a fun time in the mall. But Amy started to wonder how they would be able to carry all the stuffs and Gina explained that they simply take one of those bags in any of the shops. They are special in that way that they are smaller on the outside but bigger in the inside, a lot bigger actually. It's like doctor who's tardis if you know about it.
After that information they walked around the mall but they kept being tight togheter. They both felt it was safest so because of how huge the mall is. You can easily getting lost inside and even through they would come out to the parkings there would be thousands of parkings to search for. The parkings where asteroids connected to the mall via bridges.
Amy and Gina have bought mostly clothes. Many beautiful clothes that doesn't exist on earth. Gina is happy to show Amy around and Amy wondering how she can know so much about the mall. - Well, I have lived for 2040 years so I might have been here a lot of times, I lost countings at around 80 visits. Gina said.
The mall was very huge and after being there for hours they reached something big and global inside that was as big as a planet and the gravityfield where alike the one on earth. -What is this for a place? Amy wondered.
- This is the biggest library in the universe. It's not the biggest in the multiverse through, there are 2 other librarys that are bigger but it is the biggest in the universe! Gina said. -Cool! Let's see if we can see any exciting book! Amy said and they walked around the library to see all the books.
Meanwhile on another part of the library another secret agent are sneaking in to the building where the boss hides something. She walks in to the building but someone is sneaking behind her. (to be continued)
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