Sister Location

Sister Location

Wondered what or how Sister Location started? Well here is a cool, magical, theory how it started. (ANIMONTRONICS really by ScottCawthon, but just a theory)

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Meet Funtime Foxy

Meet Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy was a lot related to her brother, who was Foxy the Pirate. When they were little kids, Foxy had a nice name that everybody called him. He wished to be a pirate for the kids, and get a job at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. But Funtime Foxy had to admit, she was a bit jealous of Foxy. So she decided to make her own name, but work somewhere else besides where Foxy did. There just can't be two Foxys  at the same location. Kids would think that's the dumbest thing ever thought of!
Funtime finally found a job. "Hello?" She asked, as she sat at a seat. She could not wait for her to get hired. Since Foxy did get actually hired, he is basically her blood. So she might as well get the job, too.
A big clown, with tons of makeup came in, slowly. She had white or pale skin which Funtime Foxy did not know of what. She had long eyelashes that went up to her eyebrows. She was silly enough to have red curled, braids so people could clearly see her beloved makeup. She had a lot, and lots of purple eyeshadow. This made Funtime Foxy gulp. She felt like she was gonna get hired at some Circus. "Hello! Tehe! And I can see you're wanting to get hired for a great place where tons of kids would love you! Oh, Tehe! They will!" She said, smiling. She was a little too shy to look at Funtime Foxy, so she stared at a corner of the roof with her blank lips smiling. She only had a little lipstick that was as red as her as her hair.
Funtime Foxy nodded, quickly. "Oh yes! I do! i cannot wait to make all of these kids so happy!" Funtime folded her hands into one. She smiled, and looked above her at the old spider webs. The room was child friendly, but really dirty. It seemed like somebody was a little too lazy to clean it.
The clown smiled and nodded, too. "Oh yes! My name is Baby! And what is yours? Oh shush it, dear! It's not gonna be that easy workin' here, ya'll know, right? You gotta sign all these here forms. Alrightie, sunshine? Alrightie!" She slides papers across her dusty desk, to Funtime Foxy. The dust flew in her face, as she coughed. She waved her hand like a fan, and blew it away. She signed her name, her birth, what she likes and a whole other stuff. Soon she called her name again.
Baby came running out, again. In her long heels. "Oh, dear! Yay! You signed these here forms. This might take a bit to read, dear! I'll be back with either your acceptions! Okay? Okay!" She ran back in her high heels, all the way. And shut the door behind her. She sighed loud enough, Funtime Foxy could her her. She dear could read fastly, and loudly. "Name is Funtime Foxy!
I was born in 1945. And are you sure kiddin' me? Robots can't be born- Heh, I like that!
She past the test! Wooh!" She ran out, doing jazz-hands.
"Did I-" she pulled the paper out of Baby's hands, swiftly. She read it, and looked up. Baby smiled, and nodded. she lead her to the stage, to show her where she was.
Funtime Foxy smiled, biggly like Jeff The Killer. "I can sure see ya'll are sure happy!" Said Baby, smiling too.
Funtime Foxy blushed, and let the gravity control her lightened hand. "No problem, Baby!" She sulleted at Baby.
Baby smiled, and showed her all. They came back on stage, and two animontronics were back on. "we've been looking for ya'all for like 20 years! You don't get off, or ya gonna be fired!" Funtime smiled, and waved.
The ballerina hissed at her. "Humph! Another girl to steal my place! Why'd you hire such a dramatic girl like me, Baby? You know, I've been here for like 50 years! And you don't want to get rid of me, now do you?" The ballerina stopped being sassy, and blinked her eyes.
Baby shook her head. "No, Ballora! I'd never. But trust me, this is your good new friend! Meet Funtime Freddy, meet Funtime Foxy!" Funtime Foxy's eyes widened. She smiled, but tried not too. She took out her hand, for Fazbear Freddy to shake.
"sorry! I didn't mean to steal your name! Just my brother, Foxy... I got jealous-" Funtime Freddy stopped her.
He held out his hand in front of her. "Oh no worries! I got like 5 brothers! Fredbear, Toy Freddy, and three little ones too! I think I know your story. 'Cause I have it myself, too. All my brothers do too. They always tell me it like 5x a year. Any who, we can be twins with our name!" He laughed, and kidd.
Funtime Foxy smiled too. "Oh, why thanks!" She replied to him.
Baby interrupted them. "Funtime Foxy, meet Ballora." The sassy ballerina hissed again.
She did not like Funtime Foxy she leaned her nose against her, they smudged together. Her lips and hers touched, almost kissing. "Don't get in my way, miss. Touchie." She pointed her finger to her chested heart.
Funtime Foxy gulped.
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I like, no wait I LOVE sister location
on December 22, 2016