Like Aphmau and friends? Ship things? Like reading, or watching youtube? Good luck for you then, 'cause we got SUPER funny+comedy in this story! Warning, this is to be funny. Not my ships. (Half ideas by my friend)

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How Travlyn started

It was like a day like today. But it was not today, it was yesterday. Aphmau decided to send invatations to everybody at her party. It was a ball, quite fancy. She decided to have the party in the woods with plenty of trees. Don't blame me, it was Aphmau's idea.
Aphmau wore a long, clear, big tanktop the size of two adult fingers. She wore a hat, that perfectly matched. Gloves, that matched her hat too. After she told Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan about the party she ran out of her home to Garroth's and Laurence's home. She knocked on the door, twice. Garroth opened the door with Laurence by his side. "Oh, hi, Aphmau." Garroth welcomed her in a low voice.
Laurence waved behind Garroth. "Hi, you two! I was going to have a party and ask if you'd both would come." She told everybody in Pheonix Drop High about it.
Everyone of her friends decided to go.
After that, Aphmau walked onto the stage. "I hope they're plenty of girls and boys! Because this isn't JUST a party, it's a ball! Now, choose your partner and get ready to dance! The winner of the party will happily win 50 emeralds! And a brand new house! For them and their partner to live in." Aphmau winked at the crowd.
And since everybody heard Aphmau, they took it too serously. Garroth and Travis cuddled in the cornor. "You are my one true love!" Garroth said, hugging Travis.
Travis smiled. "You have a nice butt." He said.
Garroth laughed. "I bet Katelyn would beat your butt, if you said that to her. But I won't!" Travis noticed Garroth's kitty costume.
Katelyn put her hand on her hip and watched the two shiver. "Oh, well aren't you two scared? Quite lame, and gay. I'd say. Anyways, Travis.... Will you um, dance with me or be gay?" She asked.
She wore a dazzling dress with a silver belt. Travis shook his head. "Not gay. Go away, Katelyn." He said, waving at Katelyn.
Katelyn bumped into Kawaii~Chan. "Sorry, Katelyn~Sama! Kawaii~Chan is so sorry!" She said, with her milk spilt on Katelyn.
"It's okay. The two boys are massively being gay over each other. Well, got to go." She said, getting up.
Kawaii~Chan waved. Laurence took Katelyn's hand. "Will you dance OR TRAVLYN WITH ME?" He said laughing.
Katelyn gasped. "Oh laurence! Of course I will!"
They went on a plane to Japan to watch Anime there. "WE ARE TRAVLYN!" They called.
Aphmau and Aaron hissed and walked away from eachother. Aaron was being a gay pervert spying on Travis and Garroth. Aphmau danced with Kawaii~Chan.
The end
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