Human Animal  (read description) (book 1)

Human Animal (read description) (book 1)

All parts of this story is made up and in the Minecraft realm. So enjoy and harsh comments will be deleted. Unless there helpful. I do not own anything in this book, but it's plot,art,and idea. So do not take this story and claim it. If you wanna show other people it make sure to have my account follow with the story. Thank you for reading P.S : There will be gore

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Chapter 1.

The Escape

Chains sounds were made when I tried braking free. I was captured and wounded and I've been here for a long time. Let's say ten years and I was captured when I was 9. So I'm 18 soon to be 19.  My birthday is in a couple of weeks and my death follows as well. I have to escape this hell hole, but how. I opened my eyes hearing a iron door slide open. Everything in this room was made of iron so everything was cold. My fur is my only source of comfort and heat.
" Hello Subject #3195 " The guard said in a harsh tone
I growled as loud as I could. He just shot me a look. I hated it. He unlocked my chains. Before he could do anything else. I kicked him down and ran out the door. Some the other guards saw me and chased me. I just kept running. A very loud alarm blaring in my ears I saw a room and ran in locking it. Some the guards try to break it down, but Failed.
I looked around the for anything that could help me. I saw a suit that was all black,a white undershirt that has long sleeves,and a red tie. I took it and put it on perfect fit. Even with my brown fur. I looked around again and my black and brown eyes caught something made out of diamond... A DIAMOND AXE! I took it quickly. I looked for an exist and spotted another door. I put the side my head against it so I could hear anything. I hear bird chirping and the wind hit the door. I started trying to brake it, Knowing the other door will brake any second now. I broke the door down and ran out as far as I could. I soon out ran the guards and I couldn't handle the pain anymore I looked for a nearby cave... BINGO! I ran too it as fast as possible and I enter it and sat there as it started to rain. The rain sounds calmed me down a bit and I just kept watching it fall.
It was peaceful out here. Even with my bleeding cuts. I was calmed I put the diamond axe next to me. Thinking I should give it a name. ' Fred?... No no to simple. Annabelle?... No to creepy. BETTY! I should name it Betty '. I soon lied down falling into a deep slumber.

A/N : Woo the first chapter done. I know no gore yet, but I hoped you enjoyed. This chapter is 2009 Chars and 418 words
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