Isolated Hearts

A young 16 year old girl facing the challenges of being abused by her father and boyfriend while her mother's anniversary of her death is about.

published on July 10, 201426 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Blood. Dripping off of my arm into the sink. The shard of glass lay on the side taunting me telling me to do it again. Screaming, coming from outside yelling at me to open the door while my mum told me to run and get as far away as possible from him. I would never call Sam my dad, he may be my dad but he doesn't treat me like I’m his daughter. I hid the shard knowing what would happen if he found out. Once the sink was clean I unlocked the door; Sam had mum on the floor she was bleeding from her mouth and she was bruised.
“Run! Aisling, run!” Mum screeched. I did as I was told and went being closely followed by Sam. I turned the door handle for the front door but it wouldn't budge. Sam picked me up by my waist from behind and dragged me back upstairs flailing my arms and legs, mum was passed out on the floor struggling to breathe. Sam hit me and I conked out.
Sam was gone by the time I awoke but so was my mum, they wasn't in the house and Sam had locked every possible exit. The house phone rang; dreading who it was I answered.
“Your mum is dead Aisling and its all your fault! If you hadn't of locked yourself in the bathroom this wouldn't have happened!” Even knowing the consequences I hung up on him; tears flooding down my face as I collapsed on the ground.
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Keep going please @Synderzz!
on November 21, 2014