The story of the souls vol.1 the green soul

The story of the souls vol.1 the green soul

This is a story about the green soul and what happened to her i will add more chapters soon. :p

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Chapter 1.
Mount Ebott

Mount Ebott

I asked dad if I could pick some flowers for mom, "Ok sophie, but be careful." dad said "Ok dad" I said, I remember a girl at my school said that Mount Ebott. has the most colorful flowers their, I quickly brushed my brown hair, and put on my shoes and grab my frying pan, "now I'm ready to head up Mount Ebott." I thought to myself.
I rushed up to the Mountain I couldn't see any flowers near the bottom, I decided to go up some more when I gotten to the top I saw a bunch of bright blue flowers, "pretty" I thought I carefully grabbed them one by one and closed my eyes and Imagine mom's face when I bring back these wonderful flowers for her, as I walked away from the other flowers I didn't picked, but I didn't saw the hole, and fell into a deep hole.
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