Gem Resonance? (Are Gems Meister/Weapon Fusions?)

Gem Resonance? (Are Gems Meister/Weapon Fusions?)

This is a crossover theory spanning the TV show Steven Universe and the anime/manga Soul Eater/Soul Eater NOT. It involves in-depth analysis of Soul Resonance and Death Scythes, and talks about Gems and (vaguely) how they work. Fusion is also plays a major role in this theory. Don't like any of these things? Probably shouldn't read this then.

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The Theory

Hello. My name is Kanya, aka the Theory Maker, and today I will be talking about if the Non-Fusion Gems from Steven Universe could actually be Fusions of Meisters and Weapons from Soul Eater.

Let's start with what we all know about Gems. They are beings from a planet referred to as 'Homeworld' that each have a gemstone somewhere on their body. The name of that gemstone is also the name of the Gem. All Gems are able to produce some sort of weapon by pulling it out of their gemstone (a whip, for example) typically glowing during the process. All known Gems are apparently able to shape-shift, (though not all have been shown doing so) seeing Garnet turning into Steven while she and Amethyst are playing a game, Amethyst turning into various animals (and Pearl at one point) and though Pearl has not been seen doing it so far, she has said that she can. She also explained that Gems can make their body parts bigger or smaller (Garnet has done this). All Gems have the capability to Fuse with another Gem, with the exception of Steven who is only known to be able to Fuse with Connie. Fusion happens when two (or more in some cases) dance around each other, then touch and merge into one Gem in a flash of light. Fusions never have the same name as the Gems fused in them, but a new one that has to do with its color pallet and is also a gem(stone). Fusion has much to do with personal/emotional closeness (the closer the Gems, the less monstrous the Fusion) so when two Gems that have a bad relationship Fuse, the result is something like Malachite.

Meisters and Weapons work together to protect peace. Weapons are humans who can shape-shift into a weapon (a scythe, a spear, etc.) and when they meet certain requirements, they become Death Scythes, which are used by Death himself. A teacher, Sid, said that every Weapon has a blade lying dormant within their Soul. Meisters are those who wield these Weapons. Death Scythes have more abilities than regular Weapons, being able to change parts of their weapon form at their leisure. Soul Resonance take place when the Souls of two people (typically a Meister and Weapon) synchronize, giving the pair new abilities and stronger attacks. The anime shows the Souls of Maka and Soul starting to move closer to each other and start to merge.

I believe that if a Meister and Death Scythe are close enough personally and emotionally and perform Soul Resonance at a high enough level, they become a Gem. Let me explain. The higher the Resonance level, the closer the Souls become. If the level is high enough the Souls will simply merge into one (that's how close they are) and providing souls are very dense, they will condense into a single solid object. This is the gemstone. Their bodies will also merge, as every living boy must have a Soul to survive, and they will become one being. As Death Scythes are able to shape-shift to a certain extent, this will transmit through the entire body. The weapon form of the Weapon is inside the gemstone, as Weapons have a blade within their Soul. The appearance of the new Gem would be a combination of the Meister and Weapon's (human and weapon form).

Now, not all Gems would be like this. Many wouldn't be. This theory is not to explain how Gems are made. It is to theorize what would happen if Soul Resonance was performed between a Meister and a Death Scythe whose relationship is extremely close.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day!
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