You and Me

You and Me

A 16 year old girl named Anna, went to a new school last year and has been bullied ever since. But what if the bully liked her, but did it to cover those feelings up? To try find weakness in her, to see if shes strong or not? Who knows, but read to find out! (ilygsm)

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What did I do to you?

Anna woke up, by the sound of her alarm clock. She agressively turned it off and rolled over, drifting back to sleep. Her mother comes in, "Come on Anna, please?" she spoke with puppy dog eyes and a cute voice. Anna loved that, she always had. So she turned back around and slowly got out of bed, hesitantly "Fine... You got me" she pouts and walks over to her wardrobe, putting on her uniform. She then walked downstairs and to the kitchen, smelling bacon her eyes lit up "Thank you!" she rushed to the table and dramatically ate her breakfast. She then went upstairs to brush her teeth, and do her hair. She put her hair up in a high ponytail and grabbed her shoes/backpack. "Cya mom" she smiles at her mom and she smiles back "Bye.."

Anna's mother didn't know about the bullies. Anna never told anyone except her bestfriend, Amber. Amber is a trustworthy, loyal, and loveable person. Anna and Amber clicked straight away. Amber doesn't really get bullied, but from time to time. She doesn't really care, and usually defends herself. While Anna hides behind her, whimpering. Anna wished she didn't do that, but she can't stop herself. It never happened at her old school.

Anna arrives at Ambers house, knocking on her door. She waits around 2 minutes, and then Amber opens the door "Heyy Anns" she smiles "Hi" Amber blushes a bit. Amber is a lesbian, and only Anna knew. They walked to school together, Anna dreading it the most "Amberrr, can we ditch? Please?" Amber looks at Anna and laughs, shaking her head "We'd both get into so much trouble. We did that last week, remember?" Anna nods, pouting "I don't want to face them though." Amber smiles weakly "It'll be fine." Anna just nods, almost tearing up. They arrive and the "squad" of bullies walk over to them, Anna cringing "Hey weirdos" Jordan says. Jordan is the most popular in school, and known for his rich name and meanness. His girlfriend is Izzy, aka the most popular girl in school, also known for her rich name and meanness. Theres a lot more but I won't mention them. We walk past them, Amber is just blank and I'm basically scared to death.

Amber just left for her class and I have 10 minutes until mine. I hear footsteps and I immediately look down, not wanting to see who it is. Not to my surprise, it's Cameron. But to my surprise, he's not with Izzy. Which made thoughts seep through into my head. "Hey weirdo" he laughs. His laugh is cute, which saying that even in my head kills me. "10 minutes of beating you up, ey? That seems like fun" I look down and smile weakly "Yeah, it does." his eyes widen and his eyebrow raises "w-what?" I smirk at him "It sounds like fun." he walks closer to me, pinning me against the wall "Oh yeah?" I smile "Oh, definitely" His expression changed, to confused but angry at the same time. I was waiting for the impact to come, but he just walked away. Now that, that really surprised me "What.. Just happened?" I whisper, smirking a little.

(Hey guys! I decided to make my own story so I hope you like this. ily)
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LLLOOOLLL my name is Izzy XD XD XD
Hey, I am like SO much like Amber, except I'm bi
on February 15, 2015