The Haunted Doll

This is about a girl named Cece who moves into a new house and finds a doll in the attic. Then weird things happen...

published on September 28, 201532 reads 15 readers 5 completed
Chapter 1.

Moving Day

I was really excited. Most kids hate moving, but at my school, I have no friends.
Since I'm moving, I can start fresh and make new friends.
Also, our new house is twice the size of our old house. As our van pulled into the driveway finally, I got out and ran inside.
"Cece, come back for your suitcase!" Mom called.
"I will later!" I said back.
I ran around the house to explore. It had a huge kitchen, three bathrooms, and my room was in the attic.
The attic was a lot bigger than my old room.
When I got up there, I was a little disappointed. The attic was dusty and dark.
Oh well, I guess there's a lot of time to decorate. So the next day, I decorated for the whole day. It looked a lot better than yesterday.
It was pink and white and I managed to get all the dust out. I spent the rest of the day unpacking. When it wad time for bed, I was finally finished.
I was exhausted, but I was happy with the way my room turned out. As I crawled into bed, I felt something under my pillow.
It was a doll. She had brown hair, green eyes, and a bright, painted smile.
Well, I'm in third grade, so I love dolls. I decided to name her Clarice; Claire for short.
I set my doll on my dresser and went to bed.
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Comments (5)

It's a great story! In my opinion it should have a part two! And next time it should be longer because I'll be sad when it ends
on August 04, 2016
(Cool! Is there any way you can add more to this??)
on August 04, 2016
awesome story
Thank you.
on September 29, 2015
on September 29, 2015
on September 28, 2015