Surviving The Storm

Surviving The Storm

You don't know what it's like,being a demigoddess,and being bionic at the same time,well I can sure tell you,this is the story of my life being bionic and being a demigoddess.

published on March 25, 201613 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
For staters

For staters

Finally,I finally left the school of doom,when I get home,or even if I will be home,I'm going to sleep!
"Hey,Acacia,you have to check this place out!"
When I turned to look behind me I saw my best friend,the only person in my life that I could trust,Liana Jones,but she was standing outside the door of this abandoned house,it looked so nice! There were trees in the front of the door,a worn out garden,and a metal gate in the front,I ran as fast as I could to check the place out
"Wow,wait,what are you doing here?!"
"I was thinking maybe we can.." And as Liana's voice trailed off I knew exactly what she wanted to do
"Umm it's gonna take a long time to redo this house,what do you plan on using it for anyway?" I sped over to her,I'm not kidding like I ran faster then the speed of light!
"Woah how did you-do you have-AAAAAAHHH"
And she ran off into the distance,I scared off my friend because I ran so fast over to her and the house
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