Of All Girls, Why Did He Come To Me?

Of All Girls, Why Did He Come To Me?

I'm a teenage, I'm supposed to be mad about finding a boyfriend or get at least my first kiss. But no, I'm not like the other girls, I don't have time to waste. But, he just came ... and I simply fell for him, is he playing or feeling the same?

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Chapter 1.
Why Me?

Why Me?

        "Eve, wake up!! You're late for school!" my mother was shouting while chasing my little brother with one shoe in her hand, trying to get him dressed for school. I woke up with my earphones still in my ears, my book still in my lap, and I was still wearing my glasses. I was late, I was in a mess, and I was so hungry that my stomach was making embarrassing sounds. I had no time to enjoy my bath and have breakfast so I took a quick shower, got dressed, grabbed my sandwich and an .apple and I wore my bag and headed to the school.
        My name is Eve, I am seventeen and I am in high school. I read a lot, I actually spend most of the day in the library. I am quiet, isolated and I don't like talking much. I am an introvert. Yes, I am the girl who sits in the corner of the class, the one who never attends a party, and the one with only few friends. Well, technically, I have no friends, it's just two students who always talk to me in the library; a boy and a girl. Their names are Sam and Sarah. Sarah is the talkative kind of girl and Sam is......I don't actually know what Sam is, I don't know him much.
        It started when I was in the library. I was searching for a novel called "One Hundred Years of Solitude", I did not find it, I went to the librarian "Excuse me, Mrs. Jackson, can you help me with something?" I asked as she was typing something on her computer.
-"Of course, Eve. How can I help?" she said while moving slow turning to me. Mrs. Jackson is old, I don't know how old but she looked like she is going to leave life in any seconds. To be honest, I few times I thought she was dead when she stopped moving and closed her eyes.
-"I am looking for a book, I searched the whole library and I didn't find it"
-"Well, maybe someone borrowed it, darling"   
-"Yes, but I also searched last week and I didn't find it, though I know I have seen it before in this library"
-"Alright, let me check for you" said Mrs. Jackson while searching in the computer to find who borrowed that book. "Aha..I found it, He is with a student from the 12th grade. His name is Allen. He was supposed to bring it back two days ago"
-"Oh, Okay. Thank you" I said while leaving.
-"Wait, Eve" called Mrs. Jackson "Can you go tell him to return back the book? I know I am asking much, but I just find it very difficult to recognize the classes in this messy school"
-"I'm...I..Okay. I will" I said yes. How stupid am I? How am I supposed to go ask the hottest and most popular guy in school, Allen, to return the book for the library. Great, Eve, You just had to read that book, don't you?
        Alright, deep breath, he is just like any other guy. Just go ask him to return the book. What if he made fun of me? What if his girlfriend did? Oh let them try, I will break her nose...just like last time. Oh I did not mention that. It is not a big deal, I just broke some girl's nose.. well, not SOME girl, it was Emma, most popular girl in school. She will not try to make fun of me anymore.
        There he is, he is with his friends making fun of some students passing by. I should go talk to him. I walked few steps toward his group, they started looking and staring at me; my glasses, my shoes, my stupid hair. I don't care, I want that book. I stood in front of him and they were all quiet for a second and I said "Allen you have to return the book....." he headed right towards me, stared at my eyes, inches between our faces. He held my hand and kissed me. His friends started laughing, either at me, or him. "Oohh, dude you just did it, you won!" one of his friends said. Allen was laughing and said "Yes, I told ya'll" What??? What just happened? Why did he kiss me? Oh my God!! I pushed him away and I slapped him so hard on his pretty face. "What was that?? How dare you??" I said while headed right home.. don't look back, Eve, don't even think, just go home.
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"Eve, wake up!! You're late for school! "
Aaand... I'm already addicted...
on September 15, 2017
OMG!! i love it!! best stoy i have ever read ;3
on March 28, 2017
I love it!!!
on March 24, 2017
this is like the cutest story I've read oh my god
on March 23, 2017
Please continue
on March 14, 2017
This is a fantastic story, it has everything, comedy, cleverness, compassion, emotions, and a description. I love it!
on March 11, 2017