Be Mine

Be Mine

Valentine's day is around the corner and I decided to write a short story about a middle schoolers.

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Be Mine

Tuesday, 10th        
        Jane walked in the hallway, trying to grab her books. Toby Rogers, the new kid, ran across the hallway. Jane turned around and- BAM! Toby and Jane bumped their heads. "Ouch," Jane rubbed her head. Toby continues to run. "Hey!" Jane yells. "Watch where you're going, dork!" Toby blushed, "Sorry, Jane." Jane turned around, " It's oka-" Toby was gone. Jane sighed and went to class.

Wednesday, 11th
        Jane walked into seventh period.  She sighed and took a seat. The teacher, Mr. Krane, asked, "Miss Black, where have you been?!" Jane blushed. "I had to use the bathroom." Toby had ran into her again. He does this everyday at 1:00. I always wonder why. Toby walks in. "Mr. Rogers," Mr. Krane said. "What has taken you so long?" "I'm sorry Mr. Krane, it was my fault. I was running in the halls and bumped into Jane." Mr. Krane nodded. After class, I went to thank Toby. Toby was gone. "Where is this kid when you need him?!?!"

Thursday, 12th
        Jane went to search for Toby. "I need to talk to him." She thought. Jane saw Toby and pinned him to the wall. Toby blushed. "J-J-Jane?!! W-what are you d-d-doing?!" "Why are you running away from me?!" She cries. Toby gasped and ran. "Great," Jane thought.

Friday, 13th
        Jane walked in the hallway. She was trying to apologize. She was carrying a plate of waffles. Jane saw Toby. She ran, crying his name. Toby was with another girl named Natalie. Jane dropped the waffles and ran away crying.

Saturday, 14th
        Jane sat on her porch. "Why won't Toby talk to me?" She thought. Toby has been avoiding her for the whole week. She went on her phone and went on Instagram. She was about to post something, when Toby was running at Jane with a giant teddy bear. Jane widened her eyes. "Here," Toby gasped. "These are for you," Jane blushed. "Thank You," She said. Toby went to run off. "Toby!" Jane Yelled. "Why are you avoiding me?!" "I'm not!" Toby said. "I was just getting this for you." It was a box of chocolates. Jane opened the box. Inside was a letter. Jane read it. It said, "Bee Mine" Toby was sitting next to her now. "Yes!" She said, hugging him. Toby hugged her back. "Happy Valentines Day, Jane."
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